Whatever kind of work you do, sometimes it can all get too much. It’s easy for your workload to get out of control and leave you feeling like it’s getting on top of you. This is not a healthy situation to be in. Too much work can have adverse effects, leaving you feeling stressed and anxious.

In the blogging and writing world, the workload is never ending. I have a to do list as long as my arm and it’s still growing! Don’t fret though, there are ways to help battle that overwhelming feeling of dread when work is getting too much. It’s important that you tackle your situation now to reduce the amount of pressure you’re under, before it begins to have an effect on the rest of your life. Consider the following:

Find ways to delegate –

Admitting that you need help isn’t always an easy thing to do, but it the long run it can be one of the most beneficial. If you have jobs that aren’t your strong point, you could ask for a little guidance from someone who finds it a breeze.

Maybe you simply don’t have enough hours in the day to complete every task on your list, in that case hiring extra help can come in handy. This may seem drastic, but it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. For example, hiring a Virtual Assistant to do your scheduling for you will free up hours that you can dedicate to other jobs and most of the time they only charge a small fee.

If all else fails get your partner to help out, make it a family business!

Plan your workload –

I love to plan. If I didn’t my work life would collapse around me. Dedicate time slots to tasks if you have to, simply knowing when jobs will be completed can take them off of your mind until you are ready to tackle them. Don’t let work that you know needs to be completed later, affect what you’re doing now.

Give yourself a break –

When you’re planning your tasks, plan some time off too! A break is essential if you want to stay focussed and work to the best of your ability. No one can work hard without breaks, it’s just not healthy. Close the laptop, make a cuppa or go for a little walk. A bit of space can help you put things into a little more perspective, as well as leave you feeling refreshed.

Learn how to properly relax –

Figure out how you can relax properly. Whether it’s spending time with family, watching the television or something a little more soothing like hypnotherapy. Once you know how to make your self feel completely at ease, take time to do it regularly. Constantly feeling stressed and anxious takes a lot of energy, so it’s important that you take time to replenish it!

Don’t let work get the better of you, you’ll feel a hundred times better once you’re back in the driving seat!