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When you first become a parent, balancing your work life and career with your new job of being a mother/father is something that takes a lot of adjusting to. There are so many people who don’t return to the job that they once had pre-parental responsibilities, and it’s not unusual to feel disillusioned with your work life and what you are going to achieve from it. However, there are a lot of parents who have taken a completely different route with it all and set out to achieve bigger and better things than they would have done had they stayed in the same line of work that they started out in. But for those who don’t have a plan, where do you begin?    

Think About What You Want To Do

The great thing about living in this age is that we are fully clued up on how to get to where we need to be – or at least, we are after a quick Google search. Being able to set yourself up on a path is a monumental hurdle that is actually pretty easily overcome. If you don’t know exactly what you want to do, there are career quizzes online which will be able to give you quite an accurate representation if you take one detailed enough. Or, if you want to stay in the job that you’re in, think about how you could build upon your skills and knowledge that you currently have to give yourself something more from your job; this could even be making the leap to go self-employed and taking on clients on a freelance basis.

Think About How You’re Going To Get There

It may be that you need to either further your education or at the very least your subject knowledge in whatever you are wanting to apply yourself to. It could be that you are wanting to really take on a challenge when you return to your previous role; getting ahead in the leadership stakes can be a hard thing to do, but there are courses available on the internet for you to take to put you one step in front. There are organizational leadership online masters programs that are available to take full advantage of. Being able to return to work with another notch on your belt is definitely a way to take your career back into your own hands – something that can feel like it’s lost when you are starting back at work after children.

Think About Going Out And Getting It!

Don’t just think about it. There’s a saying that ‘a year ago you’d wish you’d have started today’ – and that’s never more true when it comes to your career. Take the bull by the horns and make sure that you fully apply yourself to whatever you want to do. Doing something at your own pace should also be encouraged. Don’t throw yourself into something if you know that you can’t give it your all or are going to be rushed through it.


*This is a collaborative post.