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30 Replies to “Knowing my Limits – Wife. Motherhood. Life.”

  1. Life is a constant juggle don’t you think. It really doesn’t stop. My daughter is getting married next week and is talking about trying for a baby fairly soon after. I’m delighted but also wonder how on earth I will manage to find the time to be the involved nanny I’ve always wanted to be!? I think you are right – appreciating them while they grow – they will soon be off, believe me! xx

  2. Those rough days always seems to turn around when you see that you can’t do everything and you accept it, live in the moment, and move on.
    Great reminder that I needed this week as my whole family is sick, working full time, and we’re trying to balance regular life with healing!

  3. There is so much pressure these days to do it all, and I think the biggest pressure comes from ourselves. I’ve been in a similar situation where I was heading for burnout, and it’s good that you have recognised your situation before you’ve completely worn yourself out. Good for you #Blogstravaganza

  4. I know this one! I might not have the booking career, but juggling between being a mum and a partner, keeping the house tidy and making way for down time…I dunno how people do it sometimes lol. The balance will find itself soon! #blogstravaganza

  5. I so love this post Zoe, struck a real chord with me. I need to learn to balance family and work time too, especially since I also blog/work from home. It’s so easy to constantly be on your phone but it’s so so essential to switch off. Our children will be little only once, whereas our blog/ work will still be there five years down the line.

  6. I can imagine it’s hard. I know how I find it hard going to work each day and not seeing the littles and then fitting in time with everyone, the house, the blog. Spinning plates like no ones business. At least you can recognise your limits and know you need to slow down a bit. #Blogstravaganza

  7. So difficult trying to balance everything! Zach starts preschool after Easter and I’m picturing myself with lots of time to do all the things that I currently have to rush. Ooh the joy of shopping alone… Of course he is only doing 6 hours a week and that is further reduced with school run/travel! #blogstravaganza

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