If the last four years has taught me anything, it’s that multiple income streams are the key to a financially stable life. Relying on one income source is like putting all of your eggs in one basket. To be financially free, you need lots of eggs in lots of baskets! Having more than one income stream stops the reliance on one source. If that one source happens to dry up, it’s very handy to have others to fall back on.

It’s my motto in life that there’s always money to be made, you just have to have the balls *ahem* to go out and find it. You have to be ready to put the work in, you have to be willing to put hours into the big jobs AND the little jobs. Don’t be too proud, but don’t be taken for a fool either. Stick your neck out on the line and you’ll soon begin to reap the monetary rewards.

Some of these income streams I prefer to put more of my time into than others, but it’s rare I turn any down. Not only is there money involved, there’s also experience to be gained. The more you do, the better you get at it!

Here are my top 5 ways to make money as a stay at home parent;

eBay –

The best part about making money from eBay is that once you have things set up, you can sit back and let it do the work for you. Whether you buy stock in to sell, or you just sell stuff that’s cluttering up the house. eBay is a market place at your fingertips and people are ready and willing to part with their cash.

I’ll often do charity shop and market stall hauls to get my stock. Sometimes I may have to spend a little time getting things ready for sale, but it’s worth it when you see the pennies rolling in.

You can put as much or as little time as you have into eBay. Obviously the more time you invest, the more you’re likely to get out of it.

Blogging –

Blogging is my ‘main’ job I suppose. It’s also the most unpredictable in terms of how much I make each month. That’s why it’s good to have other streams to bulk up the cash on quiet months. The majority of my work revolves around sponsored content on the blog and Instagram. Facebook and Twitter do bring in the dough, but for me blogging and Instagramming are worth more.

Don’t get me wrong. Making money from blogging is no easy feat. It took me a year, working for zilch to build up to monetising my channels. The key to blogging is to invest the hours because it’s your passion, not because you want to make a quick buck. When the money does finally start coming in, it will make it even sweeter knowing you put the time and effort into your little empire.

Research studies –

Quick, easy and worth a few quid. They’re never going to make you rich, but every little helps right?

Freelance writing –

Another good earner if you’re willing to put in the hours. Often writing gigs are all about creating quality content in record time. If they take you too long to put together, you simply won’t be getting a good return. 500 words can vary between £6-12, so you want to be doing at least a couple of pieces an hour. If you can manage this, it’s not a half bad hourly rate.

Virtual assistance –

There are a lot of companies out there that will pay those who are social media savvy to run their channels. Virtual assistance can include an array of different tasks; building up platforms, creating content, scheduling, engagement, managing emails and so much more.

I do a little VA work around my own blog work, as I find it easy to complete the same tasks for others as I’m doing for myself. The key to being a VA is working out what your strengths are and helping out those who aren’t so good in that area. It’s not money for old rope, but it’s a decent wage and can make a healthy business if you went full time.