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#cleanuptheFword Campaign with Digital Mums

#cleanuptheFword Campaign with Digital Mums

Over the past two years I’ve thrown myself into building up my blogging and freelance writing business. I spend hours each day working hard, striving to achieve. I also spend hours each day bringing up my children, who at two and one are with me full-time. How do I do it? Flexible working!

I knew as soon as our first daughter was born that I would have to give up work, but with a husband who works long shifts for the NHS I had very few options as far as my work life went. I could either give up work altogether, or figure out a way to work flexibly from home around the children. I tried the stay at home mum role for a little while, but I struggled not working at all. So armed with a notebook and a laptop I decided to give the flexible working thing a whirl!


Did you know? Out of 68% of people who would like flexible working options, only 12% have actually dared ask for them?


I found almost immediately that flexible working opened so many doors for my family. Working from home, during hours that suit me,  means that I’m always there for our girls. When they go to school I’ll be the one that does the school run and who helps them with their homework. I’m here for to see all of their firsts and I’m here to comfort them when they need me. The extra income I earn means that we aren’t restricted financially and working gives me the release I need from motherhood. It gives me chance to be me and to achieve my goals outside of being a parent.


Did you know? 51% of employees in the UK think that asking for flexible work would be viewed in a negative light by their employer?


I know that after giving flexible working a try, I would find it difficult to go back to fixed hours. That’s why I feel so passionately about the Digital Mums #cleanuptheFword campaign. Raising awareness around flexible working is key to making it more acceptable in the eyes of employers and giving employees the confidence to ask for flexible hours. To find out more information on the Digital Mums #cleanuptheFword campaign visit their site HERE! It’s time everyone did #WorkThatWorks for them!




*This post was written in collaboration with and contains figures from research conducted by Digital Mums.


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24 Replies to “#cleanuptheFword Campaign with Digital Mums”

  1. This is an amazing campaign. Flexible working is the answer for so many parents – it can be the difference between parents being able to work and not! Children are an organisational minefield – you don’t know when they’ll wake up with a high temperature or be sent home sick from school and often all the sports days, plays, concerts etc are all during ‘normal’ working hours. Allowing parents to have flexibility would make a HUGE difference! I don’t know how we would manage if I had to do a rigid 9-5 job, it would be utter chaos! Thanks for raising awareness of such an important issue Zoe xx #Blogstravaganza
    Ps – completely irrelevant to the topic at hand but you look gorge in that pic!!!!

  2. With my professional roots grounded in HR it astonishes me that more employers don’t offer this. I was a huge advocate before I became a parent. I firmly believe that flexible working can mean a more productive and motivated workforce. #Blogstravaganza

  3. Working/childcare is one of the biggest problems parents face in this day and age. I was exactly the same as you – my partner works crazy shifts as well and although I did try to go back to work, it was just impossible (and expensive). Flexible working would solve a lot of problems for people, well done for spreading the word! #Blogstravaganza

  4. Flexible working is so important in this day and age. I am so lucky I work for a firm who are so family friendly and completely understanding. This is a great campaign. #blogstravaganza

  5. Yes! I’m lucky that my employer has agreed to allow me back part-time with hours I chose (3 days a week), but the dream is to work even more flexibly like you! I think this campaign is brilliant! #blogstravaganza

  6. Brilliant campaign and one that mums, dads and employers should take note of. Most of us would love to do flexible working but are too scared to ask or have asked and been refused.

  7. I love this. I have itched to go back to work for years now but for a few reasons it just wasn’t possible. Thanks to my blog and some online courses that I have done, I have managed to finally get myself into a position where I am starting to get some good freelance work in. I’m finally starting to feel like me again, aside from being a mum!

    1. I can totally relate to your situation. It hasn’t been possible for me to go back either, working from home has definitely saved my sanity! Xx

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