As a blogger, I’m often contacted by brands and PR companies with opportunities to review the latest products on the market. Every time this happens the guys on the other end of the email profess to have the best product, they tell me how much it will change my life for the better and how my audience will just love to read all about it. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for every opportunity that lands in my mailbox and most of the products are great. Some make my life a little easier, some are brilliant fun for the kids and some are the perfect treat for myself. It’s not often though, that I’m asked to review a product that will change my life. That was until this week, when I was contacted to review the book; Big Ideas for Small businesses by John Lamerton. The moment I opened this book was the moment my life changed forever. Literally. 


Who is John Lamerton?

John Lamerton, a former Civil Servant from Plymouth, has been the driving force behind sixty small businesses since the year 2000. This guy has made mega bucks. The beauty of John and his experience is that he realised that having a good work/life balance is the key to a happy life. So, his book teaches us how to run an ‘ambitious lifestyle business’. Leaving behind slogging all hours for someone else and for very little pay, or running yourself into the ground missing out on all that’s important to maintain your millionaire lifestyle. John makes us realise that you don’t actually have to be a millionaire to live like one.

Big Ideas for Small Businesses

The first time I picked up my copy of the Big Ideas book, I flicked through the pages and read a snippet then I put it down, making a mental note of when this post needed to published. It wasn’t until a few days later that it really grabbed my attention. I can honestly say that I was gripped from the outset and that this was the first time I’ve read the ‘Acknowledgements’ and ‘Introduction’ pages of any book and I’ve read a lot!

John has the knack of writing quite colloquially, whilst offering clear and concise nuggets of information along the way. He has a way of talking business without baffling you in the process. There’s nothing worse than being made to feel inadequate by a book. John avoids this by making sure you feel motivated, focused on building your business and achieving your goals.

Throughout the book you’ll find ‘BIG IDEA’ boxes that contain vital information and food for thought. These boxes break up the text into manageable chunks and give you time to reflect on what you’ve learned so far. There are also quotes throughout the book, helping to fuel your dreams make the impossible seem less so!

I really have found this book so hard to put down, easy reading with oodles of amazingly informative content has had me turning page after page!


The Big Idea Podcast

I’m a huge fan of podcasts, so much so that these days I’d rather listen to them than the tripe that gets spouted on local radio. Since becoming a full time mother to two young children and deciding to build up another business at the same time, I often feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day. My time is valuable and so I don’t spend time doing anything I’m not going to benefit from.

The thing about podcasts is that often you have to wade through a few, to find the ones that offer valuable information that’s relevant to you. The Big Idea podcast has everything from value and quality advice, to comedy and reflections on life experience. I listen in the car, whilst I’m writing and working out – whenever I get the chance I plug in! The combination of the Big Ideas book and the podcast has given me so much motivation and direction to take my business to the next level.

One lesson I’ve learned was from episode one of the podcast ‘Be Careful Who You Listen To’. Seem obvious? Not as much as you might think! Since listening to this episode it’s become clear that just because someone has an opinion, doesn’t mean their opinion holds any weight. I’m far less impressionable than I was before. I know now that cutting the crap from your life and surrounding yourself with knowledge, expertise and ambition is a step up on the ladder to success.

The Ambitious. Lifestyle. Business. Facebook Group

Now if you want to go the whole hog and I suggest that you do, then joining the Ambitious. Lifestyle. Business. Facebook Group is essential. It’s a group full of like minded individuals, all with different levels of experience in numerous different fields. John himself is also regularly present in the group, it’s not one of those set up and run groups. He’s there to offer guidance and support when you need it the most!

I really don’t feel like I can stress enough just how valuable the Big Ideas movement is. Whatever field you’re in, you’re sure to gain drive, ambition and clarity through a combination of reading the Big Ideas book, listening to the podcast and surrounding yourself with fellow entrepreneurs in the Facebook group. 


*This post was written in collaboration with the Big Ideas team. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.