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It is common for mums to downplay all the many many things learnt and the many many skills gained from being a mum. The fact is, us mums acquire a huge amount of highly transferable skills so when it comes to thinking about going back to work, we should feel much more confident than we do.


A few years out of the work arena and women can feel a lack of confidence and a huge amount of uncertainty when considering going back to work. However your journey of raising your children has provided you with an impressive array of skills and strengths that are highly relevant to the workplace. So if you are feeling uncertain about what you now have to offer in your chosen sector, you must listen very carefully to the following skills and talents you have accumulated from your time as a professional mum and you should be confidently shouting them from the roof tops when it comes to reentering the workplace.


Time Management Skills


This is a biggie for all mums and a hugely desirable trait for all employers. As a mum you will have discovered the enormous value of time and how important it is to be organised with it. You will have set yourself daily deadlines and will have had no other choice than to make sure your chores are completed on time. You will have started each morning with a list of ‘to-do’s in your head and you will have spent each day logistically planning out your timetable so that you can get everything done and so that your day comes together as seamlessly as possible.


These time management skills can only really be learnt from hard honest graft, trial and error and persistence. We all know that there is no greater challenge, in order to finely hone these skills than by raising a family, so this is a skill you can confidently market yourself with in order to be a highly desirable candidate in your chosen profession.


Being able to Prioritise


This is ironic really, as now is the time for you to prioritise yourself after years of prioritising your kids. That does not mean however that you have not been practising the art of prioritisation over the years, as with children, you most certainly will have been doing just that. Mentally planning, constant juggling and regularly sorting through the daily and weekly tasks that you need to get through, will mean that your prioritisation skills will be extremely well oiled.


Strong Planner


Another strength that employers look for is to be able to effectively plan. With an entire family to dress, feed, organise and keep happy you will have been exerting top-tier planning skills for as long as you can remember. There is no other way for a mother to organise all the families many activities and needs without being able to plan effectively. Therefore this is a skill that has a rightful, and well deserved place, on your CV.


Problem Solving Skills


All families come with their fair share of problems, big and small, and let’s face it, it is usually down to the mums to solve them. From small problems, such as emotional and physical questions from inquisitive little minds, that require complex and stimulating answers. All the way through to balancing and dealing with financial problems, mums are required to be there to provide the answers, offer solutions and to keep the family functioning, happy and connected. This is no mean feat having to constantly resolve all the different problems that can come up in family life, but the experience will certainly put you in a very strong position when it comes to dealing with complexities in the workplace.


Crisis Management Expert


Considered a bit of a niche area in the business place, you are already a pro. Mums are required to stay cool, calm and collected in all manner of crisis’s, which puts you in great stead to deal with crisis’s in your career. Having to deal with emotional situations, physical injuries, tantrums in the most inopportune places and moments, sick children, constant arguments and differences, the list of times where you have been a crisis management expert is endless. So you have definitely earned your right to market this skill as one of your key strengths.


Counselling & Caring


If you are considering a career in counselling and caring then you have had the best training that money just can’t buy. Taking a quick look at will show you that there is a huge demand for carers and nurses so if this is something that interests you then you have the best set of skills already in place in your tool box. As mums are the first person that kids want to speak to when upset, or experiencing something difficult, mum have to learn how to be there, offer support and try and make them feel better.

Mums are also expected to find solutions to difficult situations and generally mums pride themselves on their children always wanting them when they need love and care. From little toddler upsets, to complicated teenage hormones, through to complicated and challenging situations in adult children’s lives, we condition ourselves to be there and to always offer a safe place for our children to come to when they need help. This lifetime commitment to the care and nurturing of our young ones from childhood and all the way through their lives, makes us the ideal candidate for careers in nursing, counselling and the care sector.


Influential Abilities


An interesting skills that all mothers acquire over the years, is the ability to influence. To be a persuasive influencer is an important skill as a parent as you need to make sure that your children are behaving themselves, respecting boundaries and doing as they are told. The best way to achieve this is by persuading them that they want to do the right thing and that takes skill and practice.


Even better is to persuade our kids that doing what we want them to do was their idea in the first place and this technique is used by, what we like to refer to as, the ‘ninja mum’. Using these tried and tested influencing skills from everything to bed times, eating their greens and getting them involved in activities and hobbies, will certainly have provided us with fantastic persuasion techniques that will work fantastically well in a wide variety of jobs, particularly sales. So if you’ve ever considered a job in sales, you could be the perfect ninja mum candidate.


Project Management


Many, many jobs look for candidates that have fantastic project management skills. This is a highly revered skill and one that you will also have neatly and proudly tucked into your belt, through all the years at home looking after your kids. You will have executed highly precise project management skills when planning your family holidays, your children’s birthday parties and even just the daily demands of looking after a home and a family needs top level project management. Therefore this is another skill that you can proudly add to the CV which will work well for jobs in the creative and media sector. So if you are interested in the creative sphere look at the kind of skills you will need here at, creative


Event Management


We mentioned earlier organising your kids parties. They might of, at the time, seemed like a rather simple event to plan, but the truth of the matter is that all those parties and get-togethers that you have organised over the years will have given you a great set of skills when it comes to organising events. So if you have always fancied turning your hand to the events industry, you certainly have the skills to add to the CV and you are in a good position to see what’s out there and start introducing yourself. For more information about the key skills required for a career in event management have a look here,


So with all the above skills, that you can proudly add to your CV, you should be now feeling really confident about taking on this new and exciting chapter in your life. We have probably missed a huge amount of skills, that are special to you, so make sure you are thinking about the skills that you have learnt that make you a fantastic candidate in your chosen field and we wish you the best of luck.