Dating your husband can be a tricky task, especially when you add children to the mix. But dating is essential to for couples to spend some quality time together, to regroup and feel back in touch with each other. However, dating your husband is not dating as we know it, it’s more adult dating that would make our younger selves look on and sneer. It doesn’t have to be all bad though, here’s the truth about dating your husband!

Date night is a break from the kids –

If it’s been months since you’ve been out, never mind out together. If you love your kids with all of your heart, but truth be told they sometimes drive you up the wall and after weeks of nursery rhymes and repetitive questions you really do need some adult company. Then there you have a recipe for the date night/break night! Wherever you are in the world though, whether your County Down dating or Exeter dating, the common rule of thumb is that you’ll spend the whole time talking about the kids. Isn’t it ironic!

You won’t be able to make it past 9pm –

Dating is fun, especially if you don’t do it as often as you used to. But even so, when it’s with your husband late nights out on the town are often exchanged for nice meals followed by a few cocktails. Let’s face it, once the clock strikes nine all you’re thinking about is sleep and how early the kids will be awake. I hear the Maidstone dating scene is excellent for scrummy food and cocktails and the same can be said for the Bournemouth dating scene,  so if you’re based in these areas of the country this could be the perfect night for you!

They’re the most fun and comfortable dates you’ll ever have –

Even if you’ve only gone out to have a break from the kids, even if you still end up spending the whole night talking about them and even if your back in the house by 9pm. The truth about dating your husband is that they are the most fun and comfortable dates you’ll ever have. There’s no worrying about what you look like, or if that your silences will be awkward. All you have to do is relax and enjoy each others company!


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