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The Importance of Children Learning to Care for Pets

The Importance of Children Learning to Care for Pets

I’ve always been an animal lover. Over the years I’ve had so many pets and caring for them has been an absolute pleasure. Dogs have been a staple in my life from being born. Since having my own home I’ve had chickens, rabbits, degus, hamsters and budgies. In fact, you name it and I’ve more than likely kept it. My poor husband however, is not a fan of any kind of animal. He’s been the perfect sport over the years, when I’ve rescued ‘another rabbit’ and when I insist that they need to spend time in the house!


Pets around children –

The trouble with having a husband that isn’t keen on animals, is that at some point or another those feelings could rub off on the kids. For that reason, I commend every effort he makes to pet the rabbits and paint a smile across his face at their ‘cuteness’. I know he doesn’t find it easy, yet sometimes I laugh at him for jumping at the sight of a bunny. He does so well though and he’s determined for our children to love and enjoy the company of animals as much as I do.

I think that children can learn so much from looking after pets. Not only does it teach them to care for and nurture another living thing, it also teaches them about love and companionship. Our animals make us smile, laugh and even cry on occasion. I think all of these emotions are healthy to feel and experience from a young age. It gives children the opportunity to learn how to deal with all of the different emotions that they will inevitably experience throughout their lives. I’m not saying they should be exposed to anything remotely traumatic, but life has its ups and downs and it’s OK for kids to appreciate that.



Exercise –

One great benefit of kids having certain pets, namely ones that they can exercise outdoors, is that it’s a super way for kids to get some exercise too. Our girls love nothing more than to head out onto the garden with their pet bunnies, or to take the dogs out for a walk. It gets them out into the fresh air and burns off so much energy! Some studies suggest that childhood obesity rates are on the increase, which is a really frightening thought. Kids should learn to be fit and healthy and it’s up to us as parents to teach them how to stay as healthy as possible. I think pets are a great way to encourage the kind of healthy lifestyle that kids should be living.



Happiness –

I do believe though that the combination of kids and animals is the perfect recipe for happiness. There’s nothing more infectious than the giggles of our girls, when they are outdoors playing with their pets. They’ll always remember the fun they had with them and I’m happy that I’ve been able to provide them with the opportunity to have their own little furry friends to love and take care of!




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19 Replies to “The Importance of Children Learning to Care for Pets”

  1. Oh I have spoken to hubby many times about getting a dog for the kids. We are both animal lovers but we travel so much, I’d feel guilty leaving our pets all the time… but now this post is making me want to get a dog again! #Blogstravaganza

  2. As morbid as this may be it also helps them deal with grief when the pet passes on. It is a hard skill but must be managed. Even something as simple as a goldfish. Coping skills are hard but good. Cute bunny! #blogstravaganza

  3. I completely agree. I grew up with my mother rescuing all sorts of wild animals and my father patiently building aviaries to home racing pigeons and wild birds until they could be released again or taken back to their original home. We also had every kind of pet imaginable, snakes to dogs to tortoises, to cats, gerbils, degu, cockatiels and more. Our family currently includes a cat, dog, guinea pigs, cockatiel and snails. Although I think my husband could happily live with just a cat, having a variety of pets really helps our boys to appreciate how to look after all creatures. In fact our middle son is quite determined to be a vet when he gets older! Lovely to hear more about your pets, and hope your latest addition is settling in well 🙂 thank you for being a perfect #Blogstravaganza host as always 🙂 xx

  4. We agree. We think it is important to get them to understand how to look after something living and ultimately the life cycle. We will get another pet one day but it won’t be for a while #Blogstravaganza

  5. We always had a lot of pets growing up, and I want the same for my daughter! But she’s one and we’re still working on petting the kitty softly so it will have to wait.

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