As parents of two young children, Hubs and I have learnt the value of sleep the hard way.  Long gone are the days when weekends were used to lie in and catch up on sleep after a week of work.  These days we often rise before the sun and finally crawl into our beds well after it sets.  Our girls aren’t shy of a little midnight shindig either, just to keep us on our toes!

The amount of sleep we get has dramatically reduced over the past two years and so when we do find chance to get some shut-eye, it’s essential that the sleep we do get is of good quality.  That’s why when we were offered the chance to try out the Zen Guru memory foam mattress, we couldn’t resist the chance to get sleeping.  For work purposes, obviously!

Our current mattress is now five years old.  It doesn’t offer much support anymore and with Hubs’ back not in the best of wear, we thought it was about time to retire the old thing.  The mattress, not Hubs!  Joking aside he needs a decent mattress with a combination of comfort and support, to keep him shipshape and Bristol fashion.



Our Zen Guru arrived neatly vacuumed packed, in an easy to carry box. It was no problem to get the mattress upstairs and into the bedroom, completely avoiding manoeuvring a king size mattress around the house.  Once the box was upstairs it was unpacked in just a few minutes and to make life even more simple, we were sent a handy tool to remove the cellophane cover with ease.  It took very little time for the mattress to regain its original shape, it definitely gets top marks for convenience.



I was so excited for our first nights sleep and I wasn’t disappointed.  The memory foam moulds to your body perfectly, providing the utmost comfort.  We found that the Guru offered Hubs the support he needs, meaning we were both kept happy and snoozing for as long as the littles would allow.  The Guru also arrived with a sleep package which included a sleep mask, sleep balm and pillow mist with a gorgeous fragrance.  I’m all about relaxation, so this made my new mattress experience even better!



Since the Zen Guru came into our life the quality of sleep we get has improved markedly.  If your mattress has seen better days I would highly recommend investing in your very own Guru.  It’s reasonably priced, convenient and most importantly gives you the nights sleep you deserve!


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