Signs of the Zodiac – What does your star say about you?

Blogging, Family / Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Recently whilst looking for Office Furniture for Work Online from Furniture at Work™, I came across their information on organisational traits according to our star sign.  As a Scorpio it suggested that I’m a little organised, but a bit of a hoarder too.  This is fairly accurate and so it got me thinking about how I could improve.  Working from home with two children to look after isn’t easy, so I’ve taken my star analysis as a prompt to get organised and stay organised!

For the last two years I’ve been fighting hard to get the right balance between being ‘me’ and being ‘mum’, after much thought I’ve devised a fool-proof plan to keep myself organised enough in my work life to enjoy quality time with my children!

Keep to routine…

Having two children in the house means that routine is key, kids like routine right?!  Sticking to it means that I can plan my day.  Knowing when I can work in peace and for how long, means that I can plan tasks accordingly to keep myself both organised and productive.

Make to-do lists in priority order…

Having a what feels like a million and one tasks to complete can feel so overwhelming.  Drawing up a to-do list in priority order can take a lot of pressure off when I’m trying to get everything done at once!

Keep a diary…

With deadlines to meet a diary is always handy, I usually have a week view diary so I can see straight away what I have on.  All I need to do now is remember to write everything in it, I’m not sure how long I can keep blaming ‘baby brain’ for the things I forget!

Carry a notebook…

Whether I use pen and paper or the note app on my phone, being able to jot down ideas is a great way to stay organised.  If I don’t write down my thoughts, I can almost guarantee I’ll be sat at my laptop wracking my brains to recall ideas when I should be working!

Keeping workspaces clean & tidy…

A tidy workspace helps keep me motivated.  If I’m sat in mess all I’ll want to do is clear it up, instead of concentrating on the task in hand.  A tidy workspace makes for a tidy mind!

Following these simple yet effective tips will save me a lot of stress each day as I continue to juggle family and work, if only I could keep the kids organised so easily!


What does your star say about you?

*This is a collaborative post.


22 Replies to “Signs of the Zodiac – What does your star say about you?”

  1. Great tips. I really need to learn how to organise myself better… I am a Pisces and the picture above says “probably hired an intern” to organise ourselves which made me laugh. I have actually thought about doing something like this in the past ??? #MarvMondays

  2. ‘Constructive Chaos’ – yep I can relate to that!! I am a typical Cancerian, also known as an emotional wreck with a good heart! Astrology has always interested me, I really want to find the time to read into it more. #Twinkly Tuesday

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