Welcome to another instalment of my new guest series #MumisBest!  #MumisBest is all about the ever-growing SAHM/working mum debate.  I really want this series to highlight that there’s no right or wrong way, but whatever works for you and you family.  If you’d like to take part do get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!  For now I will leave you in the hands of Nahdia from Nahdz_Adventures!


My name is Nahdia and I am a mum of two boys aged 6 and 3. Currently I work 3 days a week as my partner is a bus driver and with his shift patterns I need to be able to do the school run and house domestics.I feel like someone needs to hold down the fort. One thing I wanted my boys to have is consistency. So when my eldest started school I started working part time because I didn’t want everyday someone different to pick him up. I have the support from his dad, my mum, my sister, my brother etc. But I felt like it was putting a strain on others plus every week it was someone different which I felt wasn’t fair on a year one child. I decided to put him in after school clubs on the days I worked because I worked around the corner from him and only needed childcare for a 30 minute period. I know do a pick up share with one of the parents, I pick up her son one day of the week and she picks up mine 1-2 times of the week.


Currently I work in a school which means I work term time and get all the holiday’s off with my children. For me this works brilliantly because I wouldn’t want to dream of sending them to holiday clubs. This is just my opinion of my children going out on trips with these clubs I wouldn’t feel comfortable. Working 3 days a week and having the term times off is perfect for me at the moment. However when my youngest starts school I will have another hurdle to cross as I would want to work more hour which would fit around term time. I love working part time because it gives me the days off with my youngest to pre him for school and do early years related activities.


I’ve thought about working full time and I always think, when will I do my food shopping? When will I get to mop and polish? Would I spend my Saturday’s just cleaning? So now this is a turn off but eventually I will have to make it work.

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