When everything in the society we live in is designed to remind us about staying healthy – even the packs of biscuits you buy have a label explaining how unhealthy they are – it is essential to evaluate your lifestyle and your family health. For parents, keeping the family healthy is a key priority. But it is, unfortunately, more easily said than done. Indeed, as surprisingly as it seems, most families define a healthy household as such: the presence of fruit in the food, the importance of three meals a day, and spending quality time together in the evening. While these points are valid, it is not uncommon that an apple pie becomes synonymous with fruit, or that time together means watching TV in the evening. In other words, what is considered healthy is deeply unhealthy. Therefore it is important to ask different questions to understand how healthy your household truly is.


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#1. What’s in Your Food Cupboard?

At the core of the health quest, it is key to consider the content of your food cupboard. Biscuits, crisps, processed food and soda drinks are a no-go. They may save you time when you are in a hurry, but they are deeply unsatisfying and can cause serious health issues. Instead, you need to look out for healthy recipes, such as here http://www.foodnetwork.co.uk/recipe/healthy-dinner-keyword.html, to gain a better understanding of what healthy food means and what healthy portions look like. You’d be surprised to find out that they are smaller than in packaged meals.

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Additionally, you need to be aware that eating healthily requires an effort. It is easier to open a pack of biscuits; there is no doubt about it. But it is an investment you make for your body and your future health. Surely you are worth the effort!

#2. How Clean is Clean?

A healthy household is not only about what’s in the kitchen. It is also about keeping potential health risks that arise from dirt or moisture at bay. For instance, if you are struggling with mould patches, you should know that they can cause lung infections in young children and people with a weak immune system. Consequently, some rooms, especially the ones that tend to suffer most from moisture, such as the bathroom, need to be cleaned weekly. In some cases, it is easier to upgrade the room – check here for bathroom upgrades http://www.bathroomtakeaway.co.uk/bathroom-suites – to include a ventilation system and reduce the risk of moisture. However, there are other causes of moisture in your home, such as poorly insulated windows, a water leak, or even a weak heating system. Make sure to address issues before they make you sick.

#3. How Often Does The Family Exercise?

Finally, exercising is a keyword to remember when it comes to your household health. Indeed, it is not uncommon for families to lead a sedentary lifestyle with little sport activities, because, after all, the weekend is for resting. As a rule of the thumb, you should at least exercise 30 min per day. Everyone, adults and children, need to keep an active lifestyle to remain healthy. You could gradually include more activities in your everyday routine by suggesting a pre- or post-dinner walk so that you can get the whole family exercising together.