Up and down the country thousands and thousands of people use smartphones and tablets. We can’t leave the house without them and let’s be honest, functioning without them day to day has its difficulties! I for one use my phone a lot and I have my go to apps that make my life so much easier. With more than two million apps available on Android and around 2 million available on the App Store, there’s no wonder they’ve become such a big part of our lives!

This week I found out about the App Map of Britain, put together by Carphone Warehouse to give us an insight into who’s using what from the app world. Their findings proved to be an interesting read and it got me thinking about the apps I use regularly and if I fit in with the general app consensus of Britain!

Social Media

As a blogger my most tapped apps are by far the giants of social media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are apps that I spend a lot of time on and that I definitely wouldn’t be able to live without! According to research from Carphone Warehouse, all three of these are in the top forty apps of the UK. It seems I’m not alone in my overuse of social media!

I’m also a huge user of Facebook messenger, both personally and for business. I’m pretty sure I’m active more than I’m not, making me one of the 66% that used the app back in 2016!


Lifestyle and Fitness

Now I’m a huge fitness enthusiast and I think I’ve had almost every app there is to set goals and keep track of my progress! This puts me directly in line with the gender gap in app purchases in Britain. The research from Carphone Warehouse found that 73% of women make up the users for the Calorie Counter app. Yep, that’s me! At 27, this fits right in with my age range too!


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Netflix and Chill

One of my all time favourite apps is Netflix. When the kids are in bed and I’ve finished work for the day, there’s nothing better than finding a gripping series to get stuck into! Unsurprisingly Netflix is in the top 40 apps used in the UK. We all love a bit of Netflix and chill!




I like to think I go against the grain sometimes, but my app use definitely puts me in line with the rest of the UK. Head over and have a read of the App Map, find out where you fit in!


What apps can’t you live without?


*This is a collaborative post.