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Alienwork Quartz Watch – Review & Giveaway

Alienwork Quartz Watch – Review & Giveaway

This week I’ve been lucky enough to have been testing out the Alienwork Quartz Watch.  Watches are one of my favourite accessories, I love good watch and I was so excited to asked to try out this lovely looking number. This Alienwork watch is available in an array of colours including black, rose gold, blue and silver, making it suitable for the ladies and gents among us. For a split second there I though I might let Hubs do this review for me, but my love of watches completely took over and I went for the blue watch, all for myself. Who says we shouldn’t treat ourselves once in a while?!

How did I get on?

The thing I adore most about this watch is that it’s so slim. It has quite a large face, but as it’s slimline it doesn’t sit too high from your wrist. I think that watches that are too chunky can get in the way a little, so this is a real bonus for me. I think the easy to adjust milanese strap is great too. As I have quite small wrists, it’s not uncommon for watch straps to be too big for me, even when they’re as small as they’ll go. This watch adjusts super easily, right to the perfect size. There’s no messing with fiddly adjustments and the watch doesn’t spin annoyingly around my wrist!



The other great thing about this watch is that it can be easily dressed up, as well as being perfect for the more casual days. It’s understated, yet eye-catching. The build quality is good, which is a real treat considering it’s so reasonably priced. This watch also comes with a small, soft case to protect the strap and face when it’s not being used. All too often watches are scratched when they are thrown into drawers. The case means it’s as good as new each time you want to wear it!



Overall, I’m very impressed with my new Alienwork Quartz Watch. I love the look, the feel and the affordability of it. I would highly recommend this watch to anyone who wants to treat themselves or if they want to treat someone else!

The guys from Alienwork would like to offer my readers the chance to win a Quartz watch of their own! All you have to do is enter using the form below. Please do check out the terms and conditions…good luck! 



Win an Alienwork Quartz Watch #3

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Globenfeld Sport Men’s Limited Edition Men’s Watch – Review & Giveaway

Globenfeld Sport Men’s Limited Edition Men’s Watch – Review & Giveaway

With Valentine’s day just around the corner, it’s inevitable that I’ve been thinking about what gift to buy Hubs. We are both equally rubbish at gift buying, so this year we’ve made it our mission to put more effort into finding the perfect present. Luckily for me, I was asked to try out a very lovely Globenfeld Men’s limited edition watch. It’s the ideal gift for that husband of mine, so I’m sure to get a few brownie points on Valentine’s day!



Globenfeld Super Sport –

This watch is available in three colours; blue, black and white. I went for the black as I think it looks super sleek, but the other colours are really eye-catching too. The metal band is really easy to adjust, making the perfect fit really easy to achieve. There’s nothing worse than fiddling around with straps to get watches to fit right, so this is a real bonus. One of the best things about this piece is that is has scratch resistant glass on the face, keeping it look smarter for longer.

This watch is packed full of great features too, including a back light for low visibility and an alarm to keep you in check. As well as looking great when you head out, this watch also has a bunch of features that can be used out on the sports field or in the gym. You can use the stopwatch and lap functions to keep you working hard and to improve your fitness. This watch has an analogue and digital time display too, it really does have something to suit everyone!


The Verdict –

I gave Hubs his watch a little before Valentine’s day, I was just too excited to wait! He had no idea what I’d got him, so it was great to see his reaction when he realised he’d got a brand new watch. He loves the colour and was keen to try out all of its extra features.

When I finally got a look at it, I was so impressed with the look of the Globenfeld. You can tell it’s a quality product just by the feel of it. It has a nice weight to it and all of the dials are secure – not tacky like many other products on the market. The watch comes in really stylish packaging, which is ideal for those that are buying it as a gift.

Overall, both hubs and I are super impressed with this Globenfeld Men’s watch. It’s quality and look speak for themselves. I’m so pleased that I was finally able to give Hubs a gift that he loves!


If you’d like the chance to win your very own Globenfeld Sport Men’s watch, all you have to do is enter using the form below. Please do check out the terms and conditions…good luck!

Win a Globenfeld Super Sport Men’s Watch #1



*We were gifted the Globenfeld watch for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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