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Nutrigen Vitamixin Sprinkles Review

Nutrigen Vitamixin Sprinkles Review

*This post was written in collaboration with Nutrigen. 


As a parent, I find it so hard to get my girls to take vitamins. The ones we’ve tried in the past have always been syrup based, or have been in sweet form. I struggle with this as they are often laden with sugars, colourants and artificial sweeteners. My girls struggle with them as the sweets option are usually really hard to chew and they just can’t stomach the syrups. They make them instantly sick, which is no fun for anyone.

I’m pretty sure other parents will have experienced the same thing and for that reason, I’m so excited to share my experience with Nutrigen Vitamixin Sprinkles with you! As with all products that I am approached to review, I spent some time doing my research on these children’s vitamins. The quality that stood out most to me, was that they don’t alter the taste, smell or colour of the food you serve them with. I really wanted this to be true, after all a product like that could be the saviour of all parents!



The daily dose of vitamins and minerals –

According to the NHS, there are certain amounts of vitamins that should be given to children on a daily basis. This especially applies if your children don’t eat a wide range of foods and let’s face it, toddlers and food don’t always go hand in hand!


What do I love about Nutrigen Vitamixin Sprinkles?

The short answer is everything! First of all, one sachet contains the daily dosage as recommended by the World Health Organisation for children aged 6 – 48 months. So one sprinkle per day over one of your child’s meals, will mean you’re helping to give them the best start in life that you possibly can. One sachet also contains a lot of the daily recommended intake for children up to 12 years old.

The thing I love most about this product is that it doesn’t promise you results, without being able to deliver. As I touched on earlier, my girls can’t stomach the syrup based vitamins and the sweets are just too difficult for them to chew. I sprinkle one sachet over my girls’ yogurt at breakfast time and they genuinely don’t know that it’s there. We don’t have any tantrums when it’s time to take their vitamins, that’s something that makes our mornings run much smoother than before.

Nurtigen Vitamixin Sprinkles don’t contain sugars, artificial sweeteners or colourants. They don’t alter the way our kids food looks or tastes and they are so convenient for a busy household. I’m so impressed with this product from Nutrigen and it’s genuinely something that we will continue to use.



The Nutrigen Vitamixin Sprinkles Taste Test –

We decided to put the Nurtigen Vitamixin Sprinkles to the test. I gave my two harshest critics their breakfast with Vitamixin sprinkled on top, the results are just what we’d hoped for!


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Pago Orange Juice Review

Pago Orange Juice Review

Now that our girls are getting older, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to shelter them from the array of sugary drinks available to them. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind them having a treat. No parent wants to be the reason their children have an unhealthy diet though! That’s why, if our girls want a yummy drink instead of water, I like to give them fruit juices as a healthy substitute. Recently the guys from Pago Fruit Juice got in touch, to see if we would like to try out their orange juice. I thought these drinks would be great for our girls and for Hubs and I too!



The Verdict –

Personally, I’ve really enjoyed these juices from Pago. They hold just the right amount of juice for a refreshing drink and the glass bottles add a little luxury to the occasion. Our girls have loved them too, once I transferred the juice to one of their plastic beakers. Seeing as these drinks aren’t aimed at children, this is not a negative point. It is something to be aware of though if you plan to share your juice with your brood!

The thing we all love most about this juice is that it doesn’t have the bitter taste, that a lot of other orange juices do. I like a sweet refreshing drink and the juice from Pago is just that. Our youngest daughter doesn’t like juice with a more bitter taste either. In fact she only drinks orange juice if the taste is just right. So top marks to Pago as she loves their juice, our toughest critic definitely approves!

I’ve enjoyed drinking this juice throughout my work days too. I’m a real tea belly and will drink cup after cup whilst I’m sat at my laptop. It been a welcome change to swap my tea for fresh juice over this last couple of weeks. Too much caffeine is never good, I’m sure cutting back has been a real benefit to me since I found Pago.

Overall, we are super impressed with the orange juice from Pago. They have many flavours including; cranberry, peach and pineapple among so many more. We are spoilt for choice as to which ones to try out next!




*We were gifted a case of Pago orange juice for the purpose of this reveiew. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

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