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SENSSE Hot & Cool Facial Bar – Review & Giveaway

SENSSE Hot & Cool Facial Bar – Review & Giveaway

As a working mother, finding time for myself to relax and recuperate isn’t always easy. If I’m not running around after the kids, I’m sat at my desk or acting the domestic goddess around the house. Looking after ourselves is really important though, so this week when I was offered the chance to try out the SENSSE Hot & Cool Facial Bar, I prepared myself for some serious me time!


What does it do?

The SENSSE Facial Bar has two temperatures, 6 degrees and 42 degrees. Amazingly it’s able to switch between the two within 6 seconds, making it incredibly user friendly.

Hot – helps to increase blood circulation and relax our facial muscles. In turn this softens our skin, smooths out any lurking wrinkles and can activate cell regrowth.

Hot with vibrations – use this mode to help massage your moisturiser into your skin, the heat and vibrations can increase absorption levels.

Cool – helps make skin look bright by relaxing sore muscles in the face and reducing redness. Cool mode also helps to close pores, to lock in moisture.

Cool with vibrations – aids toning and firming of our skin, helping to reduce wrinkles.

Results –

First of all, the packaging on this product is very luxurious. It looks simple and elegant, I guarantee if you’re thinking of buying the SENSSE Bar as a gift, those receiving it will be super impressed!

I found this fabulous piece of kit incredibly relaxing. At the end of the day, when it’s finally time to sit down I often find myself with a tension headache. Using the SENSSE Bar banishes any pain almost immediately, it’s as if I can feel the tension melting away.

As a sufferer of dry skin, I also found that applying moisturiser alongside the hot mode with vibrations made a real difference to the appearance of my skin. The morning after using the product, my skin is far less flaky and so applying make up is a much easier task!

Since I’ve only been using this product for a week, I think it needs a little more time to tackle the crows feet that keep sneaking up on me! Nevertheless, my eyes have felt much brighter since the SENSSE Bar came into my life, feeling alert and awake is always welcome and I’m sure it makes me more productive in my work life.

Overall, I love this product. It offers relaxation as well as solutions to my beauty problems and in my eyes that makes it a worthy competitor in its field. It’s perfect for personal use or for giving as a gift to your loved ones, I’ve never felt more relaxed!


If you’d like the chance to win your very own SENSSE Hot & Cool Facial Bar, all you have to do is enter the giveaway using the form below. Please do check out the terms and conditions before entering…good luck!


Win A SENSSE Hot and Cool Ultrasonic Facial Bar #1

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