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The Endeavours of Highly Successful Procrastinators

The Endeavours of Highly Successful Procrastinators

Procrastination. We’ve all been guilty of it at one time or another. It usually hits when a deadline is looming, when you know you need to knuckle down and get some work done. That little devil pops up on your shoulder and diverts your attention to a meaningless task, that’s disguised as top priority. It’s so easy to while away the hours, being less than productive but loving every second!

Personally, my preferred method of procrastination is social media. Like many other bloggers before me, I already spend an above average amount of time perusing my channels for work purposes. You’d think I’d have my daily fix, but there’s always an hour to scroll through my Instagram feed and to pour over the amazing Facebook pages of my fellow bloggers.

Sometimes I feel like the Queen of Procrastination, but surely there must be more of us out there? Maybe others have far more exciting ways to pass the time when they should be working? So, I decided to get in touch with my peers, to find out their favourite ways to procrastinate. If you’re like me, you’ll be taking notes from this list too!


Bloggers on procrastination –


Laura from Woman in Progress: ‘That would be endless Facebook checking…’

Victoria from Lylia Rose: ‘Sorting through wardrobes and drawers to list on eBay instead of completing blog work first.’

Sarah from Mummy Cat: ‘YouTube.. I lose myself on YouTube sometimes, I’m so bad, I should be doing housework or writing but I’ll sit and watch stuff on YouTube or load up a game!’

Jemma from Mayflower Blogs: ‘Insta stories. I’m addicted. Procrastination at its finest right there.’

Jaki from JakiJellz: ‘Twitter. I lose HOURS! It’s totally ridiculous but it’s my guilty pleasure.’

Rachel from Rachel Bustin: ‘Refreshing my email over and over again waiting for exciting opportunities to rarely appear!’

Helen from My Crazy Family Story: ‘Facebook … reading posts reading comments watching videos I can loose hours when I have a million other things to do.’

Beth from Twinderelmo: ‘Netflix. So many hours wasted binge watching random American TV shows!’

Tracey from Pack the PJs: ‘TV… the Food Network channel mainly!’

Zoe from Lycra Widow: Cleaning! There’s always a skirting board that needs to be scrubbed or a floor that needs bleaching, I’m terrible at sitting down and doing work on my laptop, and seem to find any excuse to avoid it!’

Pete from Household Money Saving: ‘Music. I will start to go through my phone to find songs that I like, and get completely lost in doing that.’

Emma from Ready, Freddie, Go!: ‘Going in the loft. There’s nothing better than to waste time not putting stuff in the loft than by bringing more stuff down! Forgotten relics.’

Abi from Something About Baby: ‘Writing lists…shopping lists, Christmas lists, packing lists, decorating lists, lists of things I should be doing instead of writing lists….’


What are your favourite means of procrastination?


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