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Ready2Robot Collectable Toy Review

Ready2Robot Collectable Toy Review

I’ve seen collectable toys popping up left, right and centre this year! My girls are loving them and to be honest, so am I. They keep them entertained for hours and it means that I always have an idea of what to buy them for special occasions. This week they were asked to try out Ready2Robot, collectable and slimy warriors that they can do battle with!

Ready2Robot are available at Smyths and all good toy stores and there are a few different items available:

  • Single packs are £9.99
  • Bot Blasters are £14.99
  • Battle Packs are £19.99

The Review –

Some might see these as boys toys, but in our house anything goes. If the girls enjoy playing with something, then that’s all that matters! Much like the L.O.L Surprise Dolls, Ready2Robot are small figures that you have to build once all of the pieces have been found. What my girls love most about this product is that the warrior in hidden in slime, they have to dig through the goo to find them!

Our eldest can spend hours playing with toys like this, she loves how intricate they are and has a lot of fun building them up. She also likes to swap and change the parts to make her own unique robots. These robots are great for encouraging fine motor skills in kids too, by letting them build, swap parts and add warriors you can see them learning whilst playing. The ideal combination!

Overall, we are impressed with this product. If you have younger children you do have to keep an eye on the small pieces, but apart from that they are fun and have the added educational benefit. Ready2Robot have definitely been a hit!


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L.O.L Surprise! Eye Spy Under Wraps

L.O.L Surprise! Eye Spy Under Wraps

*This post was written in collaboration with Smyths Toy Superstores. As Always, all thoughts and opinions are our own. 


This last few days has been super exciting for our girls as they were introduced to L.O.L Surprise! These tiny and super sparkly dolls are all the rage and after this week, I’m sure they’ll be a regular feature in our house. They really are under wraps too, it’s like pass the parcel but much more fun as our girls pass the product between them removing layers. In each layer, there’s a small surprise for them to keep them intrigued as to what’s inside!

What does L.O.L Surprise! Eye Spy Under Wraps include?

This set includes a number of codes and a pink eye-glass to decipher them. Once you have worked out the correct code, you have to use the combination locks to open up all of the compartments. When you’ve have managed to get into all of the doors, you can then dress up your L.O.L Surprise doll and add her to your collection! The L.O.L Surprise range, including Eye Spy Under Wraps is available at Smyths, The Entertainer, Argos and all good toy stores. The Eye Spy Under Wraps toy is £14.99, ideal to treat the kids or to put in their stocking at Christmas!

What did we think?

As I mentioned, our girls were very excited to find out what was in their very pink package! I do have two very girly girls. so this kind of toy is ideal for them. The intrigue on their faces was absolutely adorable, they just couldn’t wait to tear away the packaging to find out what was inside! Both girls were mesmerised by the code and eye-glass too. They were completely in awe of the pictures appearing once they held the glass over the code sheet. This was great fun and I loved that it got their minds working.

Once they were into the L.O.L Surprise package, they couldn’t wait to work out which codes opened the compartments. I loved this feature, it made for a fun addition to an already enjoyable toy. They unlocked the codes, we opened all of the packages and found a very funky looking doll, with a great outfit! They loved that you could change the dolls outfit and that you could store different items from her wardrobe in all of the different compartments.

Overall, we think that L.O.L Surprise! Eye Spy Under Wraps is a great product. The girls had so much fun, not only with the doll, but also getting into the packaging and working out the secret codes. I’m pretty sure L.O.L Surprise! will be appearing on both girls’ Christmas lists this year!

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Why we Love Smyths Toy Stores!

Why we Love Smyths Toy Stores!

*We have been compensated with vouchers for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

It’s at this time of year that my mind turns to the festive season. Ever since becoming a parent, I’ve become more and more organised when it comes to Christmas. I like to get the kids presents wrapped and put away in good time, so that I’m not caught up in the Christmas rush come December. I like to make sure we’re able to get all of the presents we want too and by getting them early, we’ve never had a problem with the popular brands selling out.

Our favourite and go to shop for presents has always been Smyths Toy Stores. We used to travel a little way to our nearest store, which was always worth it. These days though, there’s a huge Smyths in our local town. It’s so accessible and makes present buying for our girls super easy. There are rows and rows of floor to ceiling toys, everything you can think of all under one roof. To be honest, I think I love it in there more than the kids do!

Smyths Toy Stores new catalogue –

One of my favourite parts of preparing for Christmas, is getting the Smyths catalogue and browsing through all of the toys that are available. It makes me feel so Christmassy! The catalogue makes life very simple when you get to the store too, as even though we always like to have a browse, we know exactly what we’re going for and how much it will cost. The new catalogue is out in stores this Friday, I can’t wait to pick mine up to start my shopping!

This year’s gifts –

This Christmas, our girls will be two and 3. Developmentally they aren’t far apart, so I’m going to invest in a whole host of learning toys. These will be ideal for teaching them something, whilst they’re having fun. I’m especially keen on the VTech Innotab products, which I know Smyths have a brilliant range of. I’m also a huge fan of the VTech smart watches, which I know both of our two will have so much fun with!

I do like to buy toys that aren’t as focused on learning too, it’s so important that the girls have fun whilst playing. Both girls have a showed a huge interest in dolls over the past few months. Smyths stock everything from dolls to pushchairs and houses to travel cots. Playing with dolls really gets our girls’ imaginations working, so I think this will also be a great choice of present this year.

I’m so excited for Christmas this year, especially as our girls are now old enough to fully appreciate the magic of it. With a little help from Smyths, it’s definitely going to be a Christmas to remember!

Are you getting organised for Christmas?

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Making Mother’s Day Special with Home Bargains.

Making Mother’s Day Special with Home Bargains.

*This post was written in collaboration with Home Bargains. 


Spring is my favourite time of year. I love to see the days getting longer and the pretty spring flowers pop up. I adore daffodils and have always got them around the house at this time of year. They really brighten the place up and remind me that we are heading in the right direction, especially where the weather is concerned. I can’t be the only one who is ready for a little sunshine!

With Spring also comes Mother’s Day. A time of year that still feels alien for me to celebrate, I certainly don’t feel old enough or mature enough to have one whole day that’s all about me! The day isn’t just about me though, it’s about all of the other mums in our lives, the ones that are always there for us and who deserve to have a lovely day celebrating too!


Gifts for Mother’s Day –


Traditionally, I’ve always bought flowers for others on Mother’s Day. They are my go to gift, as to be honest, buying good presents has never been my forte. I never know what to buy for people and flowers just seemed like a good option to show my appreciation. This year however, I’ve had a little helping hand from Home Bargains!

I’ve always enjoyed doing a little shopping at Home Bargains. It’s the kind of place that has a bit of everything all under one roof, usually for a very reasonable price. In this day and age we all like to look after our cash, so this is the perfect place to stock up on essentials without breaking the bank. I don’t know why I’ve never thought about looking for gifts here too, but since they sent out some great Mother’s Day selection for us to try out, it’s definitely a place I’ll be heading to in future.

The thing I loved most about the gifts we received was that there was so much variation in the types of gifts they stock. There’s something for everyone and they’re all packaged beautifully, right in line with a fresh Spring time feel. I know that our Mums will love some of the gifts that we have wrapped up for them, as I’m a mum too I’ve kept a couple aside to treat myself on the big day too!


A selection of Mother’s Day gifts from Home Bargains.


What are your plans for Mother’s Day?


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Taking Time Out for Mother’s Day with Debenhams

Taking Time Out for Mother’s Day with Debenhams

Recently over on my Instagram feed, I spoke about how I still find it hard to believe that Mother’s Day is all about me. Even though I’ve been a mother for nearly three years, I still feel like a bit of an imposter when it comes to identifying as ‘mum’. Life is so hectic a lot of the time, I just don’t get time to sit down and think about life as a parent. It’s just something we crack on with, along with everything else we have to squeeze into the day.

Even if I do say so myself, I keep everything together over here. I keep the kids fed, watered and entertained. I make sure that the house is clean and tidy. As well as all of this, I run my business in the background, often into the small hours so that I have something that’s just for me. As Mother’s Day 2018 approaches and with a lot of thanks to Debenhams, I’ve been forced to sit back and think about the role I play in our house.

I’ve realised that actually, Mother’s Day should be about me. I should take some time out and enjoy being spoilt for a day, because for the rest of the year I work damn hard to keep my brood happy. With this in mind, the guys over at Debenhams were kind enough to send me for a Mother’s Day afternoon tea at Patisserie Valerie. It was time just for me, so that I could sit back and relax with lots of delicious cake. I absolutely loved every minute!

Taking Time for Yourself –

As a mother, I’m the first to admit that taking time out for myself is often at the bottom of my priority list. Like most mothers out there, I’m in the ‘as long as the kids are happy, I’m happy’ camp and for the most part this is true. There comes a time though when it’s not possible to keep the kids happy, if you’re not looking after yourself properly. That’s why I highly recommend spending some time all to yourself every now and again. Just like my hour spent with a cuppa and an afternoon tea. I left feeling super refreshed and after a particularly busy week, it was just what the doctor ordered.

Treating others this Mother’s Day –

As well as afternoon tea, Hubs and I took full advantage of a child free afternoon and decided on a little retail therapy too. Seeing as the day was all about being a mum, I thought it’d be a good idea to treat the other mother’s in our lives too.

We headed into Debenhams as they always have so much to choose from, it’s impossible not to find gifts to suit all tastes. With three mums to buy for it was the perfect place. For my mum we decided on a pretty Radley purse, it’s a very girly pink and I know she’ll absolutely love it!

The other two mums in our lives are my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law. I wanted to treat them to something that I knew they would enjoy. As we’d just enjoyed our afternoon tea, I knew I had to get them the same gift experience. It’s something that they will find really yummy and something they can do together too!

So with Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time for you to start thinking about how to spend your special day. Do something different, fun or completely relaxing. As long as you’re taking the time just for you! 

*This post is in collaboration with Debenhams as part of their Mother’s day campaign. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Wicked Gifts from Wicked Uncle – Making Life Super Simple!

Wicked Gifts from Wicked Uncle – Making Life Super Simple!

With Christmas well and truly on its way, Hubs and I have been thinking about the perfect gifts to buy our girls. Now that we’re both working, tasks like this aren’t just down to me. His Lordship has to muck in too! The trouble is, neither of us are especially good at the gift buying thing. In the past we’ve gone straight for the easy option and given money or vouchers. With two children to keep happy over the festive period though, vouchers just won’t cut it. We need all the help we can get. Luckily this week I was contacted by Wicked Uncle to try out gift buying, their way!



What do Wicked Uncle do?

Wicked Uncle are a website designed to make your gift buying experience for children, as simple as possible! To start you off, all you need is the age of the child and you’re presented with an array of age appropriate gifts. There are extra categories to narrow down your search, such as the gender of the child and what they’re most interested in. Our favourite categories to search through were ‘Braniac’ and ‘Outdoorsy’, as these suit Hubs and I perfectly too. There’s also the option to add gift wrap and personalised messages to the gifts you buy. They really have set out to make life as easy as possible!


How did Hubs get on?

As my husband usually leaves gift buying to me, I thought he would be the perfect candidate to try out the service that Wicked Uncle have to offer. He accepted the challenge and headed straight over to their site, eager to see what he could get our girls. The teacher in him always goes for the more educational toys, with the system that Wicked Uncle have in place he was spoilt for choice in no time at all.  He loved that he could identify immediately whether the toys would be age appropriate.

In the end he opted for a Learning Resources, STEM gears deluxe building set, for the biggest. For our youngest he chose the TOMY Megasketcher Classique.  The delivery on our items was really quick, perfect for those last minute buys. We were both impressed with the products and service from Wicked Uncle, especially Hubs who will definitely be using it regularly from now on!



What did the girls think?

Gift buying is hard at the best of times, but when you have two of the harshest critics to please, it gets even more difficult. It seems that with the help of Wicked Uncle, daddy did good! Both girls have loved their presents, they’ve also enjoyed playing with each other’s too.



So, thankyou Wicked Uncle! Not only have you made gift buying from here on in super simple, but we have two very happy girls as well. That’s definitely a win-win!



*We were gifted these products from Wicked Uncle for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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Uncommon Goods Gift Guide: For Her

Uncommon Goods Gift Guide: For Her

This week I’ve partnered with Uncommon Goods to bring you a fabulous gift guide for the ladies in your life.  If like me, you don’t find gift buying easy but you also like to give quality gifts, Uncommon Goods provide inspiration and great products!

When I began perusing over the Uncommon Goods website I was amazed at the products they have on offer.  The quality and quirkiness of their wares really stands out. The website also gives an insight into the creator of each product, I love that each product means so much to its designer and that these items are not thrown off of a production line by the thousands!

Uncommon Goods also have a super cool Uncommon Knowledge blog, filled with allsorts of fascinating information you’ll love to read!


What’s so Great about Uncommon Goods?

All products from Uncommon Goods meet five specific standards regarding design and social responsibility.

  • All products are of original design.
  • All products are made using environmentally friendly materials.
  • The company is based on responsible business practices.
  • Packaging is resourceful.
  • Products are exclusive to Uncommon Goods.


For Her : Garden

I’m a huge fan of spending time outdoors and so when the Summer months appear I love to spruce up our outdoor space.

These pieces are the perfect gift for she who likes to relax in her tranquil outdoor space – when the kids are in bed that is!

I particularly love the family signpost, which can be personalised to your requirements!


Hummingbird Feature


Family Signpost


For Her: Decoration

As a blogger and a writer I work from a desk at home.  The trouble with sitting at a desk for long periods of time is that the space can become dull and boring.

When I came across these pieces I knew that I needed them to brighten up my workspace.  I absolutely love what I do, even more so with an inspirational area to work from!

Heart Sculpture


Flower Garden


For Her: Comfort

I absolutely adore this throw, as a Jane Austen lover it immediately caught my eye.  What better way to relax and unwind than wrapped in a classic!

This super cute pillow would bring a touch of artistic flare to any living space too!

Jane Austen Throw


Owl Pillow


*This is a collaborative post.

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Gift Buying Made Easy with GiftsOnline4U

Gift Buying Made Easy with GiftsOnline4U

This week my husband celebrated a milestone birthday.  He reached the big 3-0, leaving his twenties behind him for good.  Hubs and I have always been a little slack on the gift buying front, often not bothering at all.  However seeing as it’s not every day a man reaches 30, I knew I had to mark the occasion with something special.

So, when GiftsOnline4U got in touch about their fabulous range of personalised gifts, they could not have timed it better!  They offer an amazing range of gifts including engraved pocket watches, personalised alcohol gifts and engraved wrist watches. I spent some time perusing over the GiftsOnline4U website and was spoilt for choice, but the engraved wrist watches really stood out.

Since Hubs isn’t allowed to wear a watch for work, I thought it would be a good idea to get him a really special time piece to wear out of hours. I loved that we could have the watch engraved with a personal message, perfect to remember his 30th birthday! I chose  a Personalised Wrist Watch, a great match for his style.



I found the ordering process really simple, you add your message in text boxes with a specific character limit, making sure that it’s a good fit.  It’s also possible to choose from a variety of fonts, depending on the style you’re going for.  The delivery of the item was extra quick, meaning that it arrived in time for our children to give to their dad on the morning of his birthday. Given that I placed the order just two days before, I was very impressed.



When Hubs opened the box he immediately loved his new watch.  On turning over to see the engraving, I’m sure he was trying to hold back a tear! It’s clear and precise, adding a perfect touch to a special birthday gift.  The watch is of really good quality and the detail on the strap offers style without being too much.


GiftsOnline4U stock around 100 different personalised wrist watches for ladies and men, including a personalised photo watch. This brand new customisation software allows customers to be a part of the design process as it’s possible to upload your own photos, images and text to view on the watch face

I couldn’t be happier with the present buying experience from GiftsOnline4U. From the easy ordering, to the swift delivery of what is a great product.  I would highly recommend the service and the watch, it really does make gift buying super simple!


*This is a collaborative post.

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Star Name Registry: Name a Star Review & Giveaway

Star Name Registry: Name a Star Review & Giveaway

Gift buying isn’t always the easiest of tasks.  When those special occasions draw near I often find myself searching for meaningful presents that my friends and family will love.  This week I was offered the chance to review the perfect gift from the Star Name Registry.  Hubs and I had a star named after our girls and it’s just lovely.  From now on, present buying will be simpler than ever!

The ordering process is super simple.  All you have to do is name your star, choose the constellation you’d like it in, then add a memorable date and a personal message.  As we have two daughter’s our star is named after them, it’s in the constellation Andromeda which means princess, fitting don’t you think?  We used our wedding anniversary as the memorable date and added the personal message ‘Our two shining stars’.

When our package arrived it was boxed beautifully, ideal if gift wrapping is what you need.  I was so excited to see our certificate and I wasn’t disappointed.  Encased in a silver frame, it looks and feels so special.  The personal message could have been a little clearer, but this didn’t take anything away from the quality of the product.

The gift set also comes with a Sky Atlas so you can learn all about the constellations and where they are in the universe. One of the best bits about this gift is that you can search for your star, use your unique reference number and Google Sky will take you straight to it!  This is a really great feature that both Hubs and I were very impressed with.

I love that each star is never named twice, so our star will forever be named after our little monkeys.  It’s a unique gift that we will always treasure.  I know as they get older our children will be thrilled to know they have a star named after them too!

Overall, this is a product and service that I would highly recommend.  The uniqueness of naming your  own star makes this gift extra special.  The service from the Star Name Registry was second to none and the extra information you receive makes for a very interesting read.  Whether you want a star gift for yourself or someone else, the Star Name Registry is definitely the place to go!

If you would like to win your very own star naming package from the Star Name Registry, all you have to do is enter the giveaway below.  Please do take a peek at the terms and conditions…good luck!


Extra Bright Star Name a Star Gift Package





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Turning 30 – A Gift Guide for Men

Turning 30 – A Gift Guide for Men

This year Hubs is going to be 30.  The big 3-0!  He and I have never been much good when it comes to present buying, often not bothering at all.  It’s not everyday one of my favourite humans turns 30 though, so this year I’ve put some real thought into what I’m going to buy him!

Since having children we think very little about what we might want or need.  Often opting to buy the children yet more toys, instead of replenishing our wardrobes or treating ourselves to the latest gadget.  But seeing as it’s a special occasion, I intend to go all out to make sure he has a 30th birthday to remember!

As I’m sure most of you will agree when spending our cash, a bargain is always welcome!  So I’ve spent some time researching the ideal presents at prices you will love.  With a little help from LovetheSales, here are my top 5 gifts for men:

1. A New Pair of Headphones

Since Hubs went back to university late last year, he spends a lot of time working on his laptop.  He does not however have headphones of his own and so is constantly using my very girly purple ones!  This is a practical yet perfect present that I know he will love.  I found this wireless, noise-cancelling Philips set, great for when you have two little ones running around!


£59.99 reduced from £69.99


2. A Watch

Hubs isn’t allowed to wear a watch at work.  So when we go out it’s nice for him to be able to wear a fancy time piece!  His current watch is one that I bought him many moons ago, it’s definitely time for an upgrade.  I’m a huge lover of watches so searching for this one has been a real treat!  I absolutely adore this Armani Exchange piece.

£127.00 reduced from £159.00

3. A Shaving Kit

Who says that men don’t like to pamper themselves too?  Hub’s has always been the clean-shaven type, but with very early starts the whole shaving routine becomes a bit of a bind.  This is ideal for him to look fresh and ready for work, even at 4am!  This neat little set even has a screen with the length setting clearly visible.

£66.66 reduced from £100.00


4. A Smart Jacket

Now, having two under two means that nights out every weekend are a thing of the past.  Nevertheless when we do make it out onto the town, Hubs always likes to look smart.   A new jacket just had to be on the list.  Who knows, maybe I’ll get a date night out of this one too!  I love the look and colour of this GAP jacket.


£87.99 reduced from £109.99

5. Socks!

It just wouldn’t be a birthday if Hubs didn’t get socks.   Since we have a mysterious sock thief in our house, who only seems to take one from each pair, new socks are always a welcome gift.  This great Jack & Jones set does the job whilst being a bit fun too!

£7.00 reduced from £12.00


I’m so excited to see Hubs’ face when I hand over all of his presents, I’m definitely in for some brownie points.  On a soppy note, he’s the perfect husband and Father and works so hard to provide for us all.  He deserves a day being spoilt from start to finish!


*Via LovetheSales.

**All prices correct at time of publication.




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