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The Ease of One Child Parenting

The Ease of One Child Parenting

Ok, so the title to this post is probably a little misleading. Parenting and easy don’t really go well in the same sentence. I suppose what I mean is that when you’ve been bringing up two children for the last three years, then when that number drops to one for part of the week, I do believe that parenting gets easier. The logistics of having only one child to care for, are much simpler than having multiples. I love having two children, but I have to admit that I can see the positives of a little one child parenting.

The biggest was so young when we had baby number two, so I really do find it hard to remember only having one child to look after. For the best part of two years I’ve been permanently attached to two kids. For half of that time I had two kids that couldn’t walk, then for the rest of the time I’ve had two who think it’s hilarious to run in opposite directions. With me stood in the middle wondering which one to retrieve first!


Altering the dynamics –

Since the biggest started nursery, our family dynamics have completely shifted. It’s been a really difficult time for me, I certainly wasn’t ready to let her go. So for the first week, we filled every minute away from her with some sort of activity, anything that meant I didn’t have to think about leaving her with what felt like a stranger. I thought that if I didn’t think about it, then one day I’d wake up and be used to it.

The trouble is, I can’t fill every single hour of nursery with super fun stuff for the littlest to do. For a start, the house would start to look like a complete tip as I’d get nothing done and work would just pile up. So now, when the biggest is at nursery we spend some time at home too. I have regular periods where I only have to parent one child and do you know what? It’s not all bad. All of a sudden life with kids has become simpler then ever before.

There’s less bickering, no chasing each other around shops or disagreeing on what they’d like for lunch. I only have on child to keep safe on the playground and only one hand to hold as we walk down the side of the road. I only have one child to wrestle into their car seat and I only have one child to entertain whilst trying to do a million and one other things at the same time.


Getting used to our new way of life –

Even though there are many positives to only having to parent one child, I’m still not completely sold on the idea of one child parenting. I’d much rather have both of my girls by my side, but I know things have to change. Slowly but surely I’m getting used to our new way of life and soon enough I’ll have a few hours of completely child free time to contend with. For now though, I’m going to relish the ease of one child parenting. Who knows, I might even start to enjoy it!





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Nursery Woes and Birthday Shows

Nursery Woes and Birthday Shows

When you have two children born ten and a half months apart, it’s hard work. Trust me, I know. When you’re the primary carer of two children born ten and a half months apart, it’s really hard work. Trust me, I know. I’ve spent the best part of three years willing time to pass. Looking forward to the next milestone because that’s when things will get ‘easier’. One particular milestone that’s been in my sights, is nursery. Life would surely be simple when the kids start their nursery placements.

Now nursery is literally just around the corner, the biggest has her third birthday and then BAM, she goes to school. I honestly didn’t think it would bother me, I would get the quiet time I’ve been craving. I’d get time to work as when one is at school, the other will nap. The perfect scenario. I’m absolutely dreading it though, how can she be three already? How is it possible that she’s old enough to attend a state nursery? Seriously, where did that time go?

Less than 24 hours old.

Ready for the next step –

Her, not me. She’s so ready, you can almost hear the cogs going around in her brain it’s working that hard. She loves reading, drawing, riding her bike and being outdoors. Everything that nursery will nurture and make even more fun for her. She’s been asking to go to school ever since we went to visit back in November. She loved every second and I know it’s time for her to spread her wings.

It’s me that’s not ready for the next step. I know she’s ready and I know how much she will blossom, but I just can’t help but think it’s too soon. She’s my first-born and time has just gone too quickly, time that I sincerely wish I enjoyed more. Just like everyone told me I should. Hindsight is a wonderful thing I know, but I can’t help but look back on the times I’d wished things were easier with regret.


Becoming a big sister at 10.5 months old.

Three is a magic number –

On the day that this post was published, the biggest turned three years old. Three whole years passed in a flash and she’s gone from a tiny 6lb 3oz baby to a walking, talking, tornado of incredibleness. She’s funny, she’s clever and she definitely knows what she wants. All I have to do is believe in her, believe that she’s ready to take on the world and know that this is where she needs to start. So Happy Birthday my beautiful girl, here’s where your next chapter begins!


Happy 3rd Birthday!
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Life Hacks – The Camping with Kids Edition

Life Hacks – The Camping with Kids Edition

*This post was written in collaboration with


Over the past couple of weeks, Hubs and I have set ourselves up with the ultimate camping kit. I decided on a whim that taking the kids camping would be a brilliant idea and still think it will be. In my rush to head off out into the wild though, I failed to fully consider just what camping with kids would entail. I’m a woman of routine and I do like my home comforts. In my haste to get our kit together, it didn’t occur to me that I would need all the tips I could get to make camping with kids as fun as possible!


Getting the right family tent –

After a little research, we decided that to make the whole experience as comfortable as possible then we would need to invest in the right tent. It would need to be big enough to fit in everything but the kitchen sink! It would also need to have a high waterproof rating and be strong enough to stand up to bad weather if we needed it too. With all of this in mind, we opted for the Coleman Mosedale 5 family tent. It has a huge living area, as well as two blackout bedrooms and we’re sure it’s the ideal home for our travels!

Coleman is a make that has been around for some time too. I’m always checking reviews on items before I buy them and this was no different. The reviews for the Mosedale 5 are really great, so many people said they’d made some amazing family memories in this tent and we want to be a part of that too. The best thing about this tent is that it’s so reasonably priced, perfect for families who need to get the whole camping set up without breaking the bank.



Getting the right equipment –

As well as the right tent, to make camping as family friendly as possible, I think it’s so important to get the right equipment. I did a little research through Simply Hike and I was gob smacked by how much high-tech camping equipment there is out there. We’ve invested in stoves, lanterns and so much more to make our tent a home from home. My absolute favourite piece of kit though is our cooler. It’s the ideal companion for any camping trip, perfect for keeping food and milk fresh all the time we’re away. We’ve even taken it on road trips, it’s ideal to keep drinks cool when you’re out on hot days!



Life hacks –

As much as having the right equipment makes for the perfect trip, there are many more hacks that you need to know if you’re going camping with kids. So to make your lives easier, as well as my own, I put it to my fellow bloggers to come up with the ultimate list of life hacks, the camping with kids edition!

Here’s what they had to say;

Sarah from Boo, Roo and Tigger Too: ‘Get shoe covers or old shower caps to pop over shoes as they come in and out of the tent to save getting mud/wet everywhere. As taking shoes on and off can be a pain, especially if you are the one who has to help each time’.

Nisbah from Five Adventurers: ‘Always set up the tent first at home before you go for the actual first camp! I have seen lots of families struggle with this. Always have loads of treats for camp fires.’

Janet from Falcondale Life: ‘We always buy a packet of glow sticks and use them as nightlights. We hang the big chunky ones inside the bedrooms. Outside we stick some garden solar lights in the ground so that there is no tripping over on the way to the loo in the dark.’

Louise from Pink Pear Bear: ‘Pack outfits rolled together (including pants and socks) so you can just grab an outfit for each child without having to rummage through the whole case. So much easier to just grab a roll and pass it to them to get themselves dressed knowing everything they need is there!’

Jennifer from My Mummy’s Pennies: ‘Take plenty of bin bags! They are super useful! Use them for muddy clothes or to put wellies on in the tent, even for sitting on wet grass.’

Claire from Wild Mama and Her Tribe: ‘Try a practice camp in the garden or locally to get used to the ‘its cold’ it’s dark’ ‘there’s a spider in my sleeping bag’ ‘it’s too lumpy’ ‘why are there no light switches’ – it’s a sanity saver.’

Fiona from A Mum Track Mind: ‘Camping with babies and toddlers can be hard work but what babies and toddlers are hard work full stop. They are also free-spirited, wild at heart and fascinated by the world around them, which are qualities that sadly we often lose as we get older. It’s best to switch your thinking from over-anxious parenting to a slightly more care-free style of parenting and let it go a bit. Rules, bedtimes and nagging can resume when you get home.’


A huge thankyou to all who made this post possible!



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Curious Kids Children’s Sweatshirt – Review

Curious Kids Children’s Sweatshirt – Review

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Curious Kids, asking if we’d like to review their funky sweatshirt. I would usually be the one to decide what we review on The Tale of Mummyhood. However, seeing as our eldest takes more and more interest in what I do, I thought I’d ask her if she’d like to take the review. As you can imagine, she jumped at the chance!

When the package arrived for my little apprentice, she was super excited to get to work. We took a photographs of the beautifully wrapped sweatshirt together, truthfully all she wanted to do was model it! From a parents point of view though, I was  really impressed with how much love was given to making our delivery look good. These sweatshirts are perfect to buy as gifts as they arrive wrapped and ready to go.




Our Little Fashionista

At just over two years old our daughter is still quite slight in frame, so when I buy girls coats and jackets I usually go size 18-24 months,  just to be on the safe side. I’m glad we did as it fits perfectly! The material feels soft and warm too, so it’s perfect for keeping the biggest warm and toasty on those blustery days. If you follow the washing advice that comes with the shirt, it keeps it shape and print really well. I make sure that I wash the sweatshirt on a low heat and I avoid throwing it in the tumble dryer with the rest of the washing!

Curious Kids clothing is a total hit with me. It looks cool, keeps well and is different from the standard jumpers on the market. The real question though is what did my little apprentice think? Well, it’s safe to say she loves her new sweatshirt. It’s a firm favourite of hers that goes with us every where we go!




*This is a collaborative post. 

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Days Out with Kids: My Top Tips

Days Out with Kids: My Top Tips

Going out with small children is always going to be hectic.  Since having Little E we seriously think about where we are going and how prepared we need to be.  Truth be told, we have decided to swerve certain outings just for the ease of it.

Since the New Year I have really tried to get out more with the children.  I don’t want them to miss out on anything just because it’s easier to stay in.  January has seen me pick up a few skills in juggling my two little balls of energy when we are out and about.  Here’s a little list of what makes our days out much easier:

Packing my bag with military precision…

I pack everything from nappies and wipes, to toys and snacks.  We always take dinner for the small one with us and I make sure we have enough for Baby J too.  We have hit that dreaded toddler stage where the food that she loves one day may end up on the floor the next, so having extra is handy just in case!  I organise my bag so I can grab what I need straight away.  I’ve previously had to rummage around for ages whilst trying to keep both girls happy, this just leaves me flustered.  Having a well stocked, well organised bag is key!

Visit family friendly places…

This isn’t always possible, but finding places that cater for little ones is a huge help.  Play areas and entertainment keeps them happy and wears them out, meaning they don’t get bored and frustrated.  We all know that’s not a good combination for a toddler!

Take reins…

When I use reins on Baby J, it makes me feel a bit like I’m walking the dog.  They are a god send though.  At nineteen months all she wants to do is walk, the pushchair just doesn’t have the appeal that it used to.  However, having Little E still on wheels means that I cant chase her sister if she decides to bolt.  The reins allow Baby J and I the best of both worlds and with all that walking, she’s usually cream crackered!

Chill out…

I know this is often easier said than done, but sometimes just letting things go makes life easier.  If they decide to have a tantrum, throw their lunch or empty the shelves in Tesco I take a deep breath and move swiftly on.  Previously I’d have gotten anxious, stressed and bundled them in the car to go home.  Moving on and letting things go means that the whole day doesn’t get spoilt…deep breaths guys!

A lot of these points seem so obvious, but we have been caught out so many times and ended the day feeling stressed out and a little defeated.  Having children changes our lives immeasurably, but being prepared is half of the battle!

Diary of an imperfect mum



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