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Beauty and I – Why being a Parent Doesn’t stop Me being Me

Beauty and I – Why being a Parent Doesn’t stop Me being Me

Often when we become parents, our beauty regime falls by the wayside. In the blur of sleepless nights and dirty nappies, stopping to think about what we look like is a rare occurrence. Babies don’t stay little forever though, once you’ve got a bit of a routine in place finding time to look after yourself gets much easier.

Having a good routine can help you to feel more human and more like your old self, becoming a parent doesn’t have to change every aspect of your life after all! I’ve found that with a few little adjustments, it’s easy for me to spend a little time pampering myself each day. It leaves me ready to face the world and whatever my little people decide to throw at me!

Here’s a little look into my super simple, yet effective beauty regime:

Skin –

Looking after our skin is so important! I use a non-greasy moisturiser every morning to make my skin feel healthy and supple. I also use an eye brightening serum, to reduce any dark circles that may be lurking! I always spend a minute taking my make up off before bed too, so that my skin can breathe during the night.

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Make up –

I like my make up to look clean and fresh during the daylight hours. I use a light foundation that I can apply really quickly, to cover any dark circles and blemishes. I then brush a little blusher across my cheek bones to give myself a healthy glow! I finish the look off with a good quality mascara, which makes me look more awake than I feel and I’m ready to go!

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Hair –

I like to keep my hair in an easy, low maintenance style. I simply don’t have the time to spend more than ten minutes sorting my locks each day. So I keep my hair long and pin it up into a nice, neat style. It’s on trend, simple and makes me look and feel smart enough to face the outside world!

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Nails –

I love my nails to look great, sporting a good set is a real confidence boost! I like to apply gels or acrylics every few weeks. The hardiness of these types of nail application means that day to day, my nails take no time at all to look after. No more touching up chipped nails, or worrying about them looking bare and boring!

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I love to keep up with the latest trends too. There are some fabulous little life hacks to be found in Ellisons new Ebook, offering you bags of inside knowledge on all things beauty. Don’t let being a parent get in the way of looking and feeling like YOU!


Do you have any beauty life hacks?


*This post was written in collabortation with Ellisons.

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Lee Stafford Blow Dry & Go: Review & Giveaway

Lee Stafford Blow Dry & Go: Review & Giveaway

As some of you may know, over the past couple of weeks I have decided that my time as a SAHM must come to an end.  I’m a hairdresser and have worked for myself for years.  I can’t wait get back to it and finally transform into the mum boss that’s been lurking within!

As I’m self-employed it’s up to me to make sure I have the latest products and equipment, to transform and beautify my clients!  So, when Lee Stafford got in touch and asked me to try out their new Blow Dry & Go Hair Kit, they could not have timed it better.  How could I say no?!

The Blow Dry & Go Hair Kit includes a fabulous pink lightweight dryer, clips, brush, tail comb, bobbles and grips.  Everything you need to transform your hair into your favourite style.  The amazing thing about this dryer is that it has a built-in keratin infused grill.  Keratin is the go-to protein for all hairdressers who strive to achieve smooth and frizz-free hair, so I couldn’t wait to test it out!

I love the design of the dryer, from the colour to the size and weight.  It’s the ideal companion for a professional who spends a lot of time drying hair, long gone is my aching arm at the end of the day!  The accessories have come in really handy too, the sectioning clips especially which are strong and durable.  If you are using this kit at home it allows for that salon fresh look to be achieved, without having to head out.

Holidays and good hair don’t always go hand in hand, those hotel room dryers are never quite up to the mark.  Cue Blow Dry & Go!  This kit comes with a compact travel bag making packing a doddle and frizzy holiday hair a thing of the past.

If truth be told, I’m not sure I’m quite sold on the keratin infused grill.  It’s a fabulous extra that some people may find works brilliantly, maybe after more use I’ll really start to appreciate what it can offer.

Nevertheless, I love my Lee Stafford Blow Dry & Go Kit.  I would highly recommend it for both personal and professional use and with the accessories included, this product definitely offers value for money.  I’m enjoying being back at work, even more so now I have such great tools to work with!

If you would like to win your very own Blow Dry & Go Hair Kit, all you have to do is enter the giveaway below.  Please do take a peek at the terms and conditions…good luck!


Win a Lee Stafford Blow Dry & Go Kit #5

*I was sent a Lee Stafford Blow Dry & Go Kit for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.  I only recommend products that I genuinely love, so I know you’ll be in good hands!


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