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Life’s too Short to be Afraid – Tips to Overcome your Irrational Fears

Life’s too Short to be Afraid – Tips to Overcome your Irrational Fears

Recently I had to attend an over night work trip by myself. This is something that I would usually avoid like the plague unless my husband came with me, but this time it wasn’t an option. If I wanted to be part of an away day with one of my biggest contracts, then I would have to bite the bullet and go it alone. As it turned out, things weren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be. In fact, they were nowhere near.

Life really is too short to be afraid, so here are my top tips to help you overcome irrational fears;

Break it down –

Think about every aspect of your fear and break it down into bite size chunks. The problem will never seem as big and as scary if you think about it a little bit at a time. For example, I was terrified of heading into a train station alone, then boarding a train and finally staying in a hotel by myself. Each of these areas was easier to rationalise individually, rather than trying to tackle the whole shebang in one thought process. Break. It. Down.

Think about the worst thing that could happen, then work out the likelihood of it actually happening –

Take a deep breath and imagine the worst thing that could happen in your situation, don’t dwell on it though. Move swiftly on to working out the likelihood of the worst actually happening. The chances of a huge disaster occurring in your life are incredibly slim and this is what you have to focus on.

Plan, plan and plan some more –

I find that the best way to get through a difficult situation, especially if there’s irrational fear involved, is to plan what you have coming up to the nth degree. Some might see this as energy wasted, but if you have a thorough plan and you stick to it, things are less likely to go wrong and you’re more likely to get through unscathed.

Compartmentalise your irrational thoughts –

This isn’t always an easy task but if you can, lock your irrational thoughts away. It takes a long time to train your mind to do this and it doesn’t work perfectly every time, but banishing negative thoughts to one corner of your brain leaves more space for a positive mindset.

Think about the positives, without dwelling on the negatives –

There are negatives in every situation if you look hard enough, equally there are always positives. So focus your mind on what is good, what is fun and what you love about the situation you’re in. Positivity breeds positivity, so it’s worth putting your energies into the good things as much as is possible.

Enjoy yourself –

Just that. Don’t let irrational fears hinder your life experiences. Enjoy what you’re doing and leave what scares you behind!

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Knowledge is Power – Learning to Inspire the Next Generation

Knowledge is Power – Learning to Inspire the Next Generation

I’ve always found it difficult to switch my brain off. As far back as I can remember I have loved to read and learn about the world around us. We’ve always been an outdoorsy family too, learning about nature and wildlife is still one of my favourite things to do. In my early twenties, prior to having children, I went from one course to another, as my interests changed and grew. My thirst for knowledge always being the driving force behind my endeavours.

I fell rapidly out of learning when I got pregnant with our eldest daughter. As is the case with many mothers, pregnancy takes its toll and everything else in our lives often gets put on the back-burner. I had hyperemesis, so getting through each minute was a task, never mind each day. Picking up a book was just impossible. Especially the second time around when I had a two month old baby to take care of too.

Fast forward two years and two children later, life seems to be back on an even keel. We have two children that sleep at night and we have a good routine during the day. Now I’m finding that my thirst for knowledge has never been stronger. I struggle to watch naff television or read books that aren’t teaching me something. Mostly because I feel that I should be filling my free time with as much work as possible. I feel that if I am going to do something other than looking after the children or work, it has to be something that I’m going to benefit and learn from.


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Getting back on track –

One thing that really bothered me is that until recently, I hadn’t picked up a book for over two years. Not only did I feel like my brain needed a workout, but I find that reading is a great way to escape from everyday life. With two toddlers in the house, it’s often a welcome distraction. So, although I’m not a huge fan of New Years Resolutions, this year I vowed to read more. To nourish my mind and get back into the swing of learning.

I kick started the year with A History of Britain in 21 Women by Jenni Murray. When I first picked up this book there were two things that struck me. One was that I only knew about 4 of the women who were included in this book. Secondly I’m bringing up two future strong women, how am I supposed to do this if I’m not able to teach them about the strong women of our past. I need to be able to educate them on the women that paved the way to the opportunities that are available to them today.

This book marked the beginning of my mission to educate myself further, so that I’m able to inspire the next generation. Hopefully instigating a thirst for knowledge in them too. I think it’s so important for the next generation to appreciate that there’s so much that can be achieved, even when it may appear that the odds aren’t in their favour. I’m not saying I’m going to push our girls too far, that would only saturate their minds beyond their years. There’s an amazing world out there though, with so much experience to gain down whichever path they choose to take. I just want to be able to enrich their lives. To give them the privilege of an education and ultimately, to give them the power of knowledge.


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A final word –

Not only do I want to empower my girls, I also want to empower myself. Having children makes you see the world in a whole new light. I’m only too aware that nothing is set in stone. There are no certainties in this life and I don’t want to waste a minute of it. I want a wealth of knowledge that I can can draw on at any point. When I look back over my life I want it to have been enriched with history and culture. I want to look back on an education to be proud of. 


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