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Baby Born City RC Scooter Review

Baby Born City RC Scooter Review

*We were gifted the Baby Born City RC Scooter for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are our own.


With two girls in the house, our world has turned pink. They’re all about dolls, sparkles and fairies! This week though, they’ve been able to explore their inner girly rebel with the Baby Born City RC Scooter; all the pink with an added bit of edge! We’ve worked with Baby Born before, so I knew our littles would love the chance to put this scooter through its paces.

What’s is the box?

With a retail price of £29.99, the Baby Born RC Scooter has a lot of action for its money. It it a multi-directional scooter, with the ability to go backwards, forwards, left and right. It has left and right indicators, so the adults in the room know when to swerve the wheels! This scooter is suitable for dolls up to 43cm, the dolls sits on the scooter and is easily held in place by the gripped handle bars. You don’t have to worry about the scooter falling over either, it comes with stabilisers to keep it upright at all times. To make it even more fun, it comes with two sticker sheets so the kids can put their own stamp on their scooters.


The verdict –

Pure fun! Both of our girls loved this scooter from the word go! Our Baby Born doll is one of their favourites as it does everything from ‘drinking milk’ to ‘using the potty’, so adding a super cool remote control scooter to the mix was sure to put a smile on their faces. The controls on the remote are simple and easy for the girls to understand, making manoeuvring the scooter a breeze even for the littlest.

From my point of view, the build quality of this product is good. Let’s face it, this scooter is prone to the odd crash and it handles them well. The dolls perches perfectly on the seat and the indicators are a nice touch. On sunny days the girls take their scooter outside and it still looks like new. As ever, Baby Born have produced a product that is both fun and well made. You might need a stock pile of batteries though, once the kids get going they won’t want to leave it alone!


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It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry if I Want to…

It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry if I Want to…

November is my birthday month and it’s coming up rather rapidly. I used to love birthdays, in fact I’d have a birthday week. Yep, I’d celebrate each and every night of the week surrounding my birthday. It was great fun! These days with family commitments, work and general knackeredness, I simply can’t think of anything worse than a birthday week. No only that, I’ll be 28 which is another step closer to 30 and 30 I do not want to be!

Life begins at 28 –

Actually when I look back over the past few years, 28 seems as though it’s set to be one of the best. Our work on the house is almost finished. Come April, both girls will be settled in at school and both Hubs and my work situations have never been better. As a family we are working quite nicely, I really don’t have a great deal to complain about.

What is it about age that frightens some of us so much? Why do we let age define us, when actually it’s about where we are in life, not how long we’ve been here. It’s about what our experiences have moulded us into and about the plans we have for the future. It’s inevitable that we’re all going to age, maybe it’s about time that I accepted my age and stopped focusing so much on turning the big 3-0.

Celebrating who I’ve become –

In the latter part of my twenties I’ve had two children, I’ve created an online business and I’ve become the homemaker that I thought I could never be. I’ve helped provide my husband with the chance to further his education and career. I have successfully gotten our eldest daughter ready to start preschool and she’s settled in amazingly. I’ve also had a few rough times, including a post natal depression diagnosis. All of these things have been valuable experiences that I am and should be grateful for.

I wouldn’t be who I am today if wasn’t for the rough and the smooth of the last few years. I wouldn’t be the happiest I’ve ever been, literally, if I Hubs and I hadn’t pulled together as a team and worked things out. When I started writing this post, I wasn’t exactly sure where it would take me, but it seems I have a lot more to be grateful for than I had initially realised.

Happy Birthday to me –

It might feel like time is leaving me behind sometimes and it might feel like I’m ageing a too quickly. What it also means though is that I’m still here and I’m living my best life. So I’m going to take the bull by the horns and say ‘Happy Birthday to me’. 28, I’m coming at you!


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Gift Buying Made Easy with GiftsOnline4U

Gift Buying Made Easy with GiftsOnline4U

This week my husband celebrated a milestone birthday.  He reached the big 3-0, leaving his twenties behind him for good.  Hubs and I have always been a little slack on the gift buying front, often not bothering at all.  However seeing as it’s not every day a man reaches 30, I knew I had to mark the occasion with something special.

So, when GiftsOnline4U got in touch about their fabulous range of personalised gifts, they could not have timed it better!  They offer an amazing range of gifts including engraved pocket watches, personalised alcohol gifts and engraved wrist watches. I spent some time perusing over the GiftsOnline4U website and was spoilt for choice, but the engraved wrist watches really stood out.

Since Hubs isn’t allowed to wear a watch for work, I thought it would be a good idea to get him a really special time piece to wear out of hours. I loved that we could have the watch engraved with a personal message, perfect to remember his 30th birthday! I chose  a Personalised Wrist Watch, a great match for his style.



I found the ordering process really simple, you add your message in text boxes with a specific character limit, making sure that it’s a good fit.  It’s also possible to choose from a variety of fonts, depending on the style you’re going for.  The delivery of the item was extra quick, meaning that it arrived in time for our children to give to their dad on the morning of his birthday. Given that I placed the order just two days before, I was very impressed.



When Hubs opened the box he immediately loved his new watch.  On turning over to see the engraving, I’m sure he was trying to hold back a tear! It’s clear and precise, adding a perfect touch to a special birthday gift.  The watch is of really good quality and the detail on the strap offers style without being too much.


GiftsOnline4U stock around 100 different personalised wrist watches for ladies and men, including a personalised photo watch. This brand new customisation software allows customers to be a part of the design process as it’s possible to upload your own photos, images and text to view on the watch face

I couldn’t be happier with the present buying experience from GiftsOnline4U. From the easy ordering, to the swift delivery of what is a great product.  I would highly recommend the service and the watch, it really does make gift buying super simple!


*This is a collaborative post.

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