How often do you go on a date without feeling nervous? How often do you get ready without questioning what you look like, as you look in the mirror? How often do worry about your worth as you prepare to meet someone new?

If your answer to each of these questions is often, then you could be suffering from low dating confidence. It’s common to feel this way, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work towards building up your dating confidence. There are a few super simple yet effective ways, to make sure you head to your date looking a feeling like a million dollars!

It doesn’t matter what age you are or where you’re from, a lack in dating confidence can strike at any time. Whether you’re in the over 50s dating Guernsey bracket or even part of the over 50s dating Kent scene, no one is immune to a dip in self belief!

Take time to relax before your date –

When you arrange you date, make sure you do so on a day that you have time to relax before hand. There’s nothing worse than rushing home from work, throwing on the first outfit you can find and shooting straight back out of the door feeling flustered and probably a little grubby from the day. It just isn’t a good recipe for romance!

Spend some time before your date doing something that you enjoy, that doesn’t leave you feeling stressed when it’s time to head out. Maybe you have a local spa that you could visit to chill out for a while, you could even find one close to where you’re meeting your date. If you’re heading to a Nottinghamshire dating site or even a Bristol dating site, you’re sure to find a spa local to the area for a bit of pampering before you go!

Wear the right clothes –

People like to wear clothes that look amazing on dates, we all want to look good right? Often though, the clothes we choose are also incredibly uncomfortable. Whether that dress is holding in a multitude of sins, or those shoes are too high to be comfortable, we’re all guilty of suffering for the sake of vanity. The trouble with this is that the more uncomfortable we feel, the more self-conscious we feel.

The trick here is to find an outfit that’s both comfortable and makes you feel good all the same time. This will make your confidence soar as your thoughts will be with your date, not by how bad you think you look or how uncomfortable you’re feeling!

Research conversation starters –

One of the main contributing factors to a lack of dating confidence is not knowing what to say. If you’re off on a date, the chances are you’ve already been in contact with the person you’re meeting. Use the interaction before you meet to find out what makes the other person tick. This will allow to build up a bank of conversation starters that you know they’ll be interested in. Maybe they’re from up North, then you’d be able to strike up a conversation around a particular Yorkshire dating site? The idea is to take inspiration from their interests, that way you’ll have them talking for hours!


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