Often it’s us women that want to know whether the guys are into us. It’s less common to think about how men perceive the way that women react to them. They’ll only human after all, why shouldn’t they want to know if the women in their life like them back? I’m sure that if you asked a group of Wiltshire singles or a group of Southampton singles, then the guys would want a fool-proof check list to know if the girls are keen on them!

Here are three ways to know if she likes you!


She checks if you’re OK –

Whether you’re on the Buckinghamshire dating scene, the Jersey dating scene or the Oxfordshire dating scene, the universal sign if a girl likes you is if she’s always checking in with you! If she likes you, she’ll want to know you’re all good and if you’re not, she’ll want to know what she can do to help.

She laughs at your jokes –

That’s right, even if they’re not funny she’ll laugh anyway! If she likes you she won’t want to bruise your ego. So if you’re the guy that cracks endless cheesy jokes and they’re still being well received, she’s definitely into you. On the upside you might be really funny, in that case she’ll love you even more!

She texts you first –

One of the easiest ways to tell if she’s into you, is if she texts your first. If you’re not her cup of tea, it’s unlikely that she’ll put the time and effort into picking up the phone. So if your phone is pinging away with cute texts from her, you can almost guarantee that she likes you!


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*This is a collaborative post.