We’ve all heard the saying ‘life begins at forty’, well today we’re going to discuss why your dating life can also begin when you hit the big 4 – 0! Reaching middle age doesn’t mean that you should hang up your dating hat, if anything the complete opposite is true. At 40, you’re in one of the best positions you’ve ever been when it comes to dating and here’s why!


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You know what you’re looking for –

Whether you get help from a Manchester dating agency or you enlist yourself in speed dating in Watford, the key thing to remember is that you know what you want and you know what you’re looking for! You no longer have to kiss a bunch of frogs to find your prince or princess, you’re old enough and wise enough to move on if they don’t tick all of your boxes. You could even head to somewhere completely new such as Edinburgh dating, if the one you want isn’t local, there’s no reason why you can’t go further afield!

You’re more comfortable in your own skin –

Getting to 40 can often mean that being comfortable in your own skin is easier than ever before. Long gone are the days of looking in the mirror, wanting to change things about your appearance. You know yourself and you know what looks good! You can forget being awkward in front of new people too, you know the worth of your voice and you aren’t afraid to air your thoughts. Don’t think of it at senior dating, think of it as dating with experience!

You already have a good life outside of romantic relationships –

You might be all the way up north using a Glasgow dating agency, or you might be right down in Kent dating. Where ever you are, the chances are that you already have a good crowd of friends and family all around you. Gone are the days when all your hopes were pinned on meeting ‘the one’ in double-quick time. The loved ones you have around you mean that you’re happy to take your time and meet new people at your own pace, love shouldn’t be rushed after all!


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