If you’re part of the dating world, I can almost guarantee that you’ll have heard some of the craziest myths that surround it. You might even believe some of them. I’m not saying everything you here lacks in value, but there are a few common misconceptions that can be blown right out of the water with a little thought!


Here are a three dating myths, totally busted!


Dating has an age limit –

It’s often thought that once you get to a certain age, you should hang up your dating hat for good. This is just not the case. Whatever age you are, whether you make up a percentage of the over 50s dating Kent or the over 50s dating Fife, know that you’re never too old to get out there and meet new people!

Online dating is for introverts –

Some people honestly believe that dating online is reserved for those who are shy and who may struggle with meeting new people. This is a total misconception, dating online is for everyone! These days people have such busy lives, that getting out and dating the old-fashioned way just isn’t feasible for them. So, online dating makes meeting someone special easier than ever!

You can find sites that are local to you, maybe a Bristol dating site or a Devon dating site. Where ever you are in the country there are the means to fit meeting someone special into your hectic lifestyle!

Distance is a barrier –

The area that you live doesn’t have to be a barrier when it comes to dating. In this day and age travelling to meet people is easier than ever, with regular public transport widely available. So next time you’re arranging a date, even if it’s over 50s dating Cumbria way, you’ve got no excuse! Jump on the train and enjoy!


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What are the most common dating myths you’ve heard?


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