Are you tired of dating in the old fashioned way? Then you’re not alone! There are a lot of people who would rather not date in the traditional way, instead opting for dating events such as speed dating. Speed dating is a really fun way to meet numerous different people, giving you more chance of finding someone that you click with. The idea is to move around the room, spending only a few minutes with each person, before moving on to the next one. A few minutes really is all you need to find out if there’s a spark!

Are there speed dating events near you?

Speed dating is becoming an increasingly popular way to meet to people and have fun, there are events planned nationwide! You can find speed dating in West Midlands, Speed dating in Leicestershire and even speed dating in County Fermanagh. Some of these events only allow as little as sixty seconds per date, that way you really have to make a good impression and fast!

One of the best things about speed dating is that everyone involved is there for one reason, to meet someone new that they like. This takes away the uncertainty of meeting people in club and pubs, everyone wants to date otherwise they wouldn’t attend. This kind of event is great to meet people in your locally, for example Speed dating in Gwynedd allows people in the same area to meet others that they wouldn’t usually cross paths with. You never know, you may find the one you’ve been looking for in a matter of minutes!

Are there other dating events out there?

As well as speed dating there are a few other dating events that you may be interested in trying out. A really popular event involves gaming and dating. At these events people meet and play board games with each other, whilst having a drink and a chat along the way. You could also try out volunteer dating, where individuals volunteer together for a cause that’s close to both of their hearts. If your in Staffordshire dating there’s even a dating event for walkers, so if you have a love for the outdoors this one could be for you!


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