In this day and age life can get incredibly busy. With working hours getting longer and longer, children to look after and everything else in between, making time for our loved ones becomes difficult to achieve. Not spending quality time together can take it’s toll on any relationship though, so it’s important to find ways to make time for those you love.


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Allocate time for date nights –

Where ever you are in the world, whether it’s Wiltshire dating or Oxford dating then allocating time to have a date night with your loved one is essential. Even if you just take an hour one evening a week, giving your undivided attention to your relationship can make a whole world of positive difference. Taking a break together is good for the soul!

Eat together at least once a day –

Even if you only get chance to grab a little breakfast together, it’s quality time during the day to touch base with your other half.  For those that may have met through a London dating agency, city life may dictate that you’re away from home for long periods of time. This can be hard going for the other person in the relationship, but having time to chat at least once in the day can make them feel loved and important in your life.

Make time to pick up the phone –

Picking up the phone to send a quick text or to make a short phone call doesn’t take long, but a lot of us still don’t make time to do so. You could be in Northampton dating and you’re other half in Norfolk dating, these distances can be easily overcome by picking up the phone and making the one you love feel just that – loved!

Buy sentimental gifts to show your appreciation –

If all else fails and you just don’t have enough hours in the day to see the one you love, then buying a gift to show them how much you love them is a great way to make up for it. Whether it’s flowers, chocolates or even jewellery, gifts are the ideal way to let the person you love know that you’re thinking of them!


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