Firsts dates can be so nerve-wracking. Even if we already know the person we’re meeting, as soon as the word ‘date’ is mentioned it puts a whole new spin on the relationship. Suddenly we become self-conscious, we worry about where to go, what to do and what to say.  It doesn’t matter what age you are, whether you’re a senior dating or you’re young and fresh to the scene, firsts dates enough to leave anyone on edge!

There are ways to make things a little easier though! Take some time to consider the kind of dates that you’ve been going on, could you make your first dates more fun? Could you choose a venue that will break the ice, rather than staring at each other in silence over a restaurant table? Here are five fabulous first date ideas, to make your first dates easier than ever before!

Head to the zoo –

Zoos are fun places to go at any age. They’re full of fun things to do and see, you’ll never be stuck for conversation starters and so those awkward silences will be a thing of the past. They always have places to eat too, so if things go well you can always get yourself a bite to finish the date off perfectly. There are so many zoos to choose from too, if you’re in Belfast dating, they have an excellent one to visit!

Visit a local exhibition –

Now this one might not be for everyone, but there will be exhibitions near you focusing on a variety of different subjects. Take some time to find one that both you and your date will be interested in, that way you’ll be kicking off the date with things in common. Visiting exhibitions is also a great date if you’re on a budget. If you’re in Cardiff dating its National Museum is free to enter, as are many others up and down the country. A fun first date that’s within budget is always a bonus!

Go out for breakfast –

When you think about going on a date, often it’s a restaurant in the evening. Why not switch things around a little and head out for breakfast instead? A lot of people think that breakfast is the best meal of the day, so enjoying it with your date could be a lot of fun!

Train together –

If you met your date online, maybe through a Bedfordshire dating agency or a Belfast dating agency, then you probably already know a lot about them. Including whether they like to exercise and if they do, what kind of sport they prefer. If you like to exercise in similar ways, you could set up a training date! It’s the ideal way to get to know each other as when we exercise a lot of our barriers are down. Often you’ll get to see the person for who they truly are.

Sample cocktails together –

This one is super fun and really great if you want to try something new. A lot of bars these days have cocktail workshops, where you can get involve and learn how to make your own cocktails. Not only that, you get to sample your creations along the way!


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