Thinking back, I remember the days when I would spend precious time getting ready for a date. I would spend hours doing my makeup perfectly and making sure that I didn’t have a hair out of place.  As well as putting the time and effort into getting ready for a date, us girls also have to think about where our date will be. There’s nothing worse than being over or under dressed. So, finding the appropriate outfit for the type of date we’re going on is always at the forefront of our minds. I’ve always loved getting dressed up, so enjoy spending this time getting ready, but I can’t help but wonder if the men in our lives really notice all of the effort we put it to making ourselves look beautiful!

Well, I may have the answer to that burning question! Recently, River Island have launched their Dates campaign and have asked 3000 men what really goes through their minds when they’re on a date! I for one was really surprised by the results and I’m sure you will be too!


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Men on Dating

On figure that isn’t surprising to me is that a huge, 79% of men think that women are testing them on a first date. I can imagine that a lot of men feel a little on the spot when they meet someone new for the first time. Just like us, I’m sure they want to make a good impression and I bet they spend time wondering what goes through the mind of a woman on a date too!

What I did find surprising was that as much as 50% of men don’t notice if their date has a new haircut! Considering the amount of time and money we spend on making sure our hair looks fabulous, it definitely makes me wonder if we should cut ourselves a little slack when we’re getting ready. Having said that, there’s no better feeling than having hair that’s on point!

One figure that I would have hope would be higher, is the amount of men who are interested in what us women have to say! Only 44% admitted to being more interested in the pearls of wisdom coming from their date, as opposed to how they are dressed. I don’t think there’s anything more attractive that good conversation and having a laugh, maybe it’s a little too much to hope for from the boys though!

Now be honest, how much time do you spend getting your outfit absolutely right? A date outfit for girls has to be so many things; comfortable, the right cut, on trend and so much more. All of this goes through our minds when we’re getting ready and it turns out that our dates appreciate the amount of thought that goes into it. So well done guys, as a whole 48% of you between the ages of 18-24 remember your dates style after only seeing them once! I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that 49% of men prefer women to wear dresses on their first date, but younger men are more likely to prefer to see their date in their jeans and favourite shirt!


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*This post was written in collaboration with River island, with all statistics provided from their Dates campaign survey.