Winter is coming. The MET Office has already published warnings of snow throughout the UK, especially in the North of England and in Scotland and Wales. Other regions will be hit by flooding and strong winds. In other words, the outdoor world is going to turn into a little pocket of bad weather that can damage your home and your vehicle. Given the recent drop in temperatures, it’s likely that every household has turned up the heating system and added warm throw on the sofa. But what about your car and your garden, which are both outside and facing the elements without any defence? It’s time to winterproof these if you haven’t already.


Winter is coming: is your garden ready?

For a lot of homeowners, winter is the beginning of the lazy months when it comes to garden maintenance. Most families tend to leave their garden untouched throughout the colder months of the year and need to make the most of the spring cleaning season to revive it to its original splendour. In reality, now is the best time to prepare your garden to hibernate throughout the winter and to avoid any damages caused by frost and other cold-related issues. You need to cut back every faded flower and to prune all shrubs and deciduous trees. Keep any future landscaping plans in mind as you prune your trees and remove your flowers. You can also remove the last weeds that have grown through the mild autumn, and clear out the fallen leaves: these two can go directly into your compost bin if you have any. It’s also an excellent time to check that your tree ties are still solidly in place so that there’s no risk of falling trees during high winds. You also need to maintain or change your fence panels for the same reason. Bear in mind that most fences only remain in good condition for a few years if left unmaintained. Consequently, if you’re struggling with an unstable fence, it’s time to change it before the wind turns!


Winter is coming: is your car ready?

The roads are likely to get slippery with the rain and snow that is expected to hit the UK very soon. Consequently, it’s important to ensure that your car is best equipped to face these risks. Start by checking your tyres, and especially if they’ve still got pressure and sufficient tread depth. Depending on where you live, you may even want to switch for winter tyres. While they are not mandatory in the UK legislation, it’s easy to see the difference they can bring in cold regions that experience a lot of snow during the winter, such as the north of Scotland for instance. Be careful though, as winter tyres are not recommended for normal road conditions. They are only for icy and snowy roads. Finally, if you haven’t already, you should top up your antifreeze product. You can go to your nearest garage to find out which mix is better suited for your car.


Is your car ready for winter?


There’s still time to protect your garden and vehicle from the damages of winter. All it takes is a little of maintenance now and then to keep them in pristine conditions throughout the colder months. It would be foolish not to do it!