*This post was written in collaboration with WeddingBooker.com. 


Getting married is one of the most stressful celebrations we can embark upon. Once you get to the actual day, it’s a blur of happiness, but planning the event can be hard. Before you can begin thinking about the intricacies of your special day, you have to find the venue that is perfect for you and your needs. There are so many different kinds of wedding venue to choose from. Big, small, extravagant or simple. The ideal venue is out there waiting for you.

The most time consuming thing about choosing a wedding venue is trawling the internet, going from site to site trying to find something that meets your needs. This isn’t easy if you’re getting married in an area that you’re not overly familiar with. For example, if you planned to get married in South Wales and were searching for Wedding Venues in Cardiff, then it would take some time to work out exactly where you need to be looking. Luckily there are easier ways to get the right place, than spending hours lost in the internet. Sites such as WeddingBooker.com, take all of the hassle away!

The Wedding Venue One Stop Shop – 

The beauty of this site is that it lists all of the licensed wedding venues, in your chosen area, all in one place. No hours wasted. Even if you aren’t exactly sure about what you want, you can happily browse knowing that your next choice is as easy as changing a search filter. Once you have a short list of the venues you love, you can book viewings, request prices and start planning your big day. All in once place.

I know from my own experience that planning a wedding brings with it curve balls, ones that you least expect to crop up. That’s why it’s important to take steps to remove as much stress from wedding planning as much as you can. Imagine if booking the venue became the easiest part of the whole process, that would mean more happy bride and less ‘bridezilla’!

So if you are looking for wedding venues in South Wales, or in any other part of the UK, you’ll find this all in one tool indispensable. The most important thing about weddings is love and happiness after all, which is why no couple needs any extra stress in their lives. The sooner you get on to planning the finer, personal details, the more you can look forward to your perfect day. Wedding planning made easy!