Wedding Photography – Why You Should Consider a Photo Swap

Lifestyle / Monday, April 9th, 2018

When Hubs and I got married, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having a photographer. I wanted there to be photographs from our day, but I didn’t want our day to be dictated by the photographers routine. As much as they produce some beautiful images, often they have the bride and groom posing for an age whilst they get the perfect shots. This can really eat into the day and mean that you have to leave your guests to entertain themselves for a couple of hours.

Wedding days fly by in a flash anyway. They seem to take so long to arrive and the actual day goes so quickly, often in a complete blur of happiness! For that reason, I didn’t want to lose any more time getting photographs than was completely necessary. I wanted to enjoy every second and I wanted to spend it with all of our guests, not away from them.

Don’t get me wrong, Hubs and I did have a photographer on our wedding day. We did spend some time getting the traditional family photographs as we exited the church and at our reception. What we didn’t do though was let it rule our day. I’m also a huge fan of the more natural photographs, ones that aren’t obviously staged and that show real emotion as they’re taken, which are easier to achieve if you don’t realise a photo is being taken. Having said all of this, what we didn’t want was to get to the end of the day and not have taken enough photo’s to look back on. That’s why we decided to organise a Wedding Photo Swap with our guests!


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The idea of a wedding photo swap is that as well as, or instead of having a photographer, you get your guests to take as many photos of the day as you can. Then after the event is over, they can upload them to a shared platform that allows you to access them too. This was perfect for us! It’s so simple to upload the images and it means that the bride and groom will end up with so many memories from their day.

The beauty of getting your guests to take images and to share them, is that often you will get to see moments of your day that you had missed. It’s impossible to be with everyone, all at the same time. Swapping photo’s is like swapping memories, you’ll get to see what a great time everyone else was having on your special day too. Swapping photo’s also lets you view your day through the eyes of your guests. You’ll be a guest at your own wedding and this is sure to enhance the memories of your wedding day even further.

Hubs and I are so glad that we decided to do a wedding photo swap when we got married. We have such a great album of images that we love to get out and look at. I can’t wait until our girls are old enough to look back on our special day too. If we did it all again, we’d definitely do a photo swap all over again!


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