Want To Be A Stay At Home Mum But Need An Income? Have A Read Of These Ideas!

Lifestyle / Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

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Before you had kids, you might have been extremely career orientated. However, once you became a mama, you may have realised that actually you don’t want to leave your kids to go back to work. While you still love working, you love your kids more and the thought of having to leave them for six to eight hours a day while you work is heartbreaking, especially as children grow up so fast. In a blink of an eye that baby on your hip becomes a teenager, and your world changes once again.

The fact is that if you want to be a stay at home mum, you should be able to do so. It’s not easy raising kids, as not only are they time-consuming but they’re also expensive too. However, it is possible to be a stay at home mum and still earn money, it’s just a case of getting creative, that’s all. The internet has opened up many new avenues for earning an income, and people are earning money in ways that they never could even think of before. So there are most definitely plenty of opportunities available to you, it’s just a case of determining which ones will work best for you.

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To help you to find a route to go down that will allow you to earn an income from home, below are some tips and ideas to have a read of, take note of, and consider going down the route of.

Love fitness? Be a fitness coach!

If you’re the kind of woman who loves staying in shape and is always keeping active, perhaps you might enjoy being a fitness coach or a personal trainer even. You might be thinking that you can’t do this from home but that’s the beauty of it, you can! You see, the internet has meant that an increasing number of jobs can be done virtually, including fitness coaching. You could easily work in fitness and do all of your work from home, around your little ones.

You could set up an online fitness training business that offers virtual fitness services, from group classes to one on one training sessions. You could even launch an app, if you decided to move your business further forward. There are plenty of options available to you, it’s just a case of deciding which route it would be best for you to go down. You could even opt to become a strength and conditioning coach today and then offer all of your services virtually. There is literally nothing stopping you from working from home.


Do you have a certain skill? Think about what career you had prior to becoming a parent. Were you a marketing professional? Did you work in PR? Were you an accountant? Did you work in fashion? Think about the career that you previously had and consider whether there is any scope to do something that links to it but in a freelance capacity. Carefully consider your options – most roles can now be done in a freelance way, it’s just a case of determining if you are happy with not having the stability that comes with being an employee.

When you freelance, you have the choice of how, when and where you work, you also have the choice of how much you charge. This is fantastic, as it gives you total flexibility in terms of your income and career progression. You can choose when to add new services and when to raise your rates. You have no boss to satisify, you are in charge. Of course, there is an element of risk with this route, in terms of the fact that you may not have a guarenteed income in place. However, if you are happy to work around this, it doesn’t have to be a problem.

Launch a blog

Blogging has become a career path in its own right, and it’s amazing. The fact is that anyone can start a blog – there are millions of blogs currently in existence – however not everyone has what it takes to monetise a blog. If you are keen to earn an income from home, have a passion for writing, and have a niche that you are well informed about, then starting a blog could be an answer that it’s worth considering. Admitedly, it’s not always easy getting started, but once you actually start to build your blog and following up, work can start to come in thick and fast.

If you are going to go down this route, there are a few things to know. You need to purchase a paid domain and not a free one. You need to be informed in regards to what you are writing about – you need to properly understand what you talking about and be up to date with all of the latest trends within that industry. If you want your blog to offer you an income stream, it needs to be relevant, interesting and valuable. Love this idea? Take some time to consider how you would go about starting a blog – what you would talk about, how you would make it unique, and how you would monetise it.

So there you have it, three strong ideas for ways in which you – as a stay at home mum – can build a successful income while working from home. There are plenty of options available to you, these are just three that it’s worth considering. However, if these aren’t the right fit for you, then it is worth taking some time to look at your other options. As there are plenty available to you, it’s just a case of working out what’s a good fit for you, your needs and your experience. If you are going to start working from home, you want this to be a long term thing, which is why getting it right the first time is so important.

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