We all know the feeling of having ‘one of those days’. The irritability, the short temper and the need to abscond. Life with kids will do that to you once in a while (every week). Sometimes it’s the endless bickering, others it’s the million and one questions before breakfast. On more serious days, it’s when you get up at 5:30am to get two pre-schoolers ready for nursery. Only to get there and realise it’s an INSET day. Not my finest moment, I’ll admit.

Whatever it is I’m ticked off about, I find it hard to shift unless I focus on it and do something about it. Letting it simmer is no fun, for anyone! Aside from reaching for the gin and tonic, I use a few very simple methods to get my mood back on track. Often, ten minutes by myself will do the trick.

Here are three things I do to relax when it’s been ‘one of those days’;

Head for the countryside –

I live in the countryside so I don’t have to go far, which is handy when I want to make a quick escape. There’s nothing more relaxing than being in the middle of nowhere, with no ones else to worry about but yourself. It gives me time to get things straight in my head, before heading back to the chaos at home. If I can get in a good long walk whilst I’m at it, I feel even better. Fresh air and exercise is by far the BEST remedy for a hard day.

Read –

The thing I love most about reading is the escape it offers. Drifting off into a whole other world, gives my brain time to really relax. If the plot is good, or if I’m learning something, I don’t think about all of the mundane troubles in life. If i’m feeling really adventurous I combine a book with the countryside, I’m a rebel – you can tell can’t you?

Go for a swim –

Swimming is exercise which is perfect, but it’s also a calming experience which helps when life’s been a bit rubbish. Swimming gives me time to think, away from outside input. If I’ve got a problem that requires a lot of contemplation I head to the pool to try and work it out.