*This is a collaborative post. 


Recently it has come to light that the living costs of single parent families, are often more than those of two parent families. On the face of it, it’s hard to believe that this could be the case. How is it possible for families with an extra person to pay less? However research undertaken by PayPlan, who have created a very interesting infographic on the topic, has revealed a significant divide when it comes to the living costs of the two different family make-ups.

Interesting Facts –

  • One in four families in the UK, is a single parent family.
  • One in 10 single parents have used pay day lenders or food banks to feed their families.
  • In far too many cases family deals are aimed at two parent families. How often do you head out for the day and notice that there’s a ‘Family Ticket’ on sale. Even more often, that ticket is for ‘two adults and two children’. For example: a family ticket for the Eden Project for a family of four is £32.00. For a single parent and two children, the price is £52.20. That’s a difference of £18.20, a difference that I find totally shocking.

The Cost of Bringing Up a Family –

Family life is expensive, however many members there are. The cost of living is rising all of the time, it’s difficult for so many families to navigate through each month according to their finances. If it’s hard for two parent families to afford to live in this modern age, then you can imagine the financial pressure that single parent families are forced to endure. Research like this, is essential for us to fully understand how different families live and to raise awareness.

Without this kind of research, single parent families will continue to be affected by unfair pricing across the board. Life doesn’t need to made harder for single parent family, it needs to be made fair. Deals that are aimed at two parent families, should also be tailored for single parent families. That way children and adults from single parents families are less likely to miss out on the good times that life has to offer.

The next time you find yourself out for the day, take a look at the price differences. Notice the unfairness. Single parent families should have the same deals as two parent families. Big businesses should make sure they’re looking after all of their customers, not just a proportion of them.