*This is a collaborative post. 


I love chocolate. I mean, who doesn’t?! I honestly find it really difficult to go even one day without a little square of chocolatey goodness to keep me going. I know I cant be the only one who is guilty of this! Recently my love of chocolate grew even more, when I discovered the beauty of chocolate sculptures. Craft chocolate is an amazing art and one that I’m utterly impressed by!

Some of the chocolate sculptures I’ve seen have just blown me away, the creativity that these artists have is really out of this world. My favourites include a delicate chocolate bouquet, with such intricate detail and beautiful colours. I also came across a huge chocolate swan, carved perfectly out of the whitest chocolate I think I’ve ever seen. When I see these sculptures, it strikes me that the people who create them must have an immense amount of patience!

Seeing all of these chocolate sculptures got me thinking about the kinds of occasions that they would be perfect for. There are so many times in our lives that could be celebrated by the gift of chocolate. How amazing would it be if the chocolate was in the most amazing shapes imaginable!?

Here are four occasions when you could celebrate with chocolate sculptures;

Weddings –

Weddings are the absolute perfect occasion to showcase some of this spectacular craftsmanship. You could use chocolate sculptures to create picture perfect centre pieces. You could decorate the wedding cake with delicate chocolate figures and pretty flowers. You could even give craft chocolate bars to your guests as wedding favours.  Your sure to give your guests something to talk about and the sculptures will look absolutely amazing on your wedding photographs!

Valentines day –

What better way is there to tell someone you love them, than with a perfectly crafted chocolate sculpture? Your other half will be so impressed with a gift that’s not only edible but looks so pretty too! A lot of the time, chocolatiers can personalise their sculptures too,  so your loved one will know how much thought you’ve put into getting them the ideal gift!

Birthdays –

I love my birthday and I love to make a fuss of my family on their birthdays too. This year, I am absolutely going to get chocolate sculptures made to show off on any birthday celebrations we have! If it’s a special birthday, or if the recipient likes specific characters or has particular interest, the sculptures can be made just for them.

Christenings –

I think that christenings are always beautiful and delicate occasions. For that reason I believe that a chocolate sculpture would be the ideal accompaniment to such a special event. You can even choose the colour of the chocolate, so if your christening a boy you could go for baby blue. Or if you’re celebrating the baptism of a girl, they can even craft out a lovely pastel pink!

I’m so taken with the world of chocolate sculptures, they are the most beautiful, edible craft I think I’ve ever seen! 


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