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Sweating the Small Stuff – Yey or Ney?

Sweating the Small Stuff – Yey or Ney?

I find myself sweating the small stuff all of the time. If there’s something to worry about, even the tiniest thing. I’ll be first in the queue to deliberate over it for a week. It’s not that I like sweating the small stuff, it’s that my brain doesn’t really know how to let stuff go. It doesn’t have the ‘off switch’, that’s very often needed to put things to bed when they really aren’t worth wasting brain space on.

A difference of opinion –

I’m not sure whether sweating the small stuff is worth it though. Looking at it morbidly, I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and so surely focusing on the little things isn’t really that important. Surely I should enjoy every second, just like it could be my last. That way I’d never worry again. Can we really get through life without a worrying though? Doesn’t it help to keep our feet on the ground?

Ever since becoming a parent I’ve noticed that worrying has become my default setting. I see danger before it even happens, or maybe it won’t happen at all – but I’ve predicted it, just in case. If there’s a scenario which could place my children in even the slightest bit of danger, I have a plan to save the day should I need to use it. It turns out there’s danger in every single situation if you look hard enough though and working out a master plan for each can be a little exhausting.

I recently read An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth by Chris Hadfield and he’s of the opinion that we should worry about the little things in life. His training has taught him that if we have a solution to the slightest of problems, then we are prepared for what life has to throw at us. If the worst doesn’t happen, well hey that’s a bonus! To be honest I quite like this difference of opinion. I’m a fan of the idea that I can work my way through anything, given that I’ve prepared myself for it. To have an answer for everything is a comforting approach to life.

A glass half empty –

I’ve chewed this topic over with quite a few people and most believe that this is a ‘glass half empty’ way of doing life. I suppose it does come across as a little defeatist, after all preparing for the worst is sure to strip the joy out of things. I’m afraid I’m going to remain in the sweating of the small stuff camp though. I can’t image just turning up to an event and now knowing where all the exits are. I don’t understand how people don’t work to times and don’t get me started on those that don’t budget – there always has to be a budget!

Do you sweat the small stuff or are you more of a free spirit? 

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16 Replies to “Sweating the Small Stuff – Yey or Ney?”

  1. I definitely DO NOT sweat the small stuff. I used to when I was younger but since meeting my husband who has a logical perspective I have realized that WHAT IS THE POINT of stressing out? It does NOTHING but halt you from accomplishing what you need to!

  2. I used to worry about every single small thing, but that was so much energy wasted. I stopped doing that and I feel so much better. Small things don’t really matter, there is no need to worry about them.

  3. Yes, I am that person. I always worried in every small things and like you I will not go to sleep and stop until I find the answer, this is me and it will never change.

  4. Life is so complicated and everyone has their own opinions. I think it’s great you are sticking to your guns. I am personally a half glass full kind of person but I would never judge a person for being the opposite as you would gain a different perspective. We need multiple perspectives in life.

  5. I have my days but I try my best not to let the little thing bother me. But easier said than done on bad days.

  6. I would love to say I was more of a free spirit, but goodness I worry about everything. I am trying some meditation as we speak. You can see it’s working well lol xx

  7. Oh, wow, this is so me. I am that person who is always worrying in everything even in a small things and I will not stop until I resolve it.

  8. FREE SPIRIT HERE!!!! I used to sweat the small stuff, LONGGGGGGG AGOOOO but I can’t even remember the last time I did at this point. I am very easy going these days and just go with the flow (despite the crap thrown my direction) because I know over all, life kicks ASS and everything will work out in the end!

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