Reasons Why I have my Car Serviced Regularly and you Should Too

Lifestyle / Monday, January 7th, 2019

*This post was written in collaboration with Calmac Tyres.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be able to drive. So when I reached my seventeenth birthday I made it my mission to pass my test as soon as I was able. In the end I was done and dusted within 3 months, I was that determined to get on the road! Being a car owner has a lot more to it that sitting behind a wheel though. Looking after your wheels is an essential part of car ownership and if you fail to do so, the chances are you car will end up failing on you.

I was taught how to complete basic checks and maintenance on my car from a very young age. I come from a family of vehicle enthusiasts and with two older brothers, I had a lot of help and direction when it came to maintaining my car. I then went on to marry someone who is very skilled in the car maintenance department, so over the years I’ve learnt a lot.

Getting your car an MOT –  

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport Test. These tests are to be taken out once a year on cars that are over three years old, to make sure that they safe and roadworthy. To complete the test, mechanics have a checklist of areas to examine on every vehicle. This includes emissions, tyre tread, lights and wiper function to name but a few. If you fail to get your car an MOT then you risk having your car taken away, you also put yourself at risk of a hefty fine.

My car is usually gets a service and an MOT around the same time. I use my car a lot and these days my girls spend a lot of time in it too, so making sure it is working as it should be is paramount. A very important check that is undertaken during an MOT is the state your tyres are in. Not everyone remembers to check their tyres, which can be disastrous – especially if they are too worn to be roadworthy. I’m always checking my tyres!

The importance of car servicing –

There are two kinds of of car servicing available, depending on how many miles you travel in your car on a yearly basis. I you do less than 20,000 miles per annum them it is advisable to get a full service done once a year. If you travel more than 20,000 miles though, then having an interim service halfway through the year is recommended.

What’s included in a full service?

A full service included a wide range of checks on your car, including some part changes that wear over the year:

  • Oil change and filter change.
  • New fuel filters on diesel engines.
  • New spark plugs on petrol engines.
  • Tyre checks.
  • Damage checks on brake cylinders, pipes and hoses.
  • Handbrake checks.
  • Removal of wheels and checks on the brakes.
  • Checks for leaks, wear and damage within the engine.
  • Testing and replacement of brake fluid.

This list is not exhaustive of a full service, but it gives a good idea as to what should be checked on a yearly basis. The mechanic carrying out the servicing should also take your car on a test drive to make sure things are sounding and running smoothly.

What’s included in an interim service?

As I said earlier, if you do a lot of miles in your car then you might also need an interim service to keep your car running as it should be. These half-yearly checks can include:

  • Checks on tyres.
  • Faulty lights.
  • Topping up your water, brake fluid and power steering fluid.

Again, this list is not exhaustive of all the checks that can be completed during an interim service. It does give a good idea of what should be looked at when getting this kind of service done.

Finding the right people to service your car –

It’s so important to make sure to get people you trust to service your car. You can get amazing car servicing from Calmac in Northampton. Centres such as Calmac tyres offer numerous different types of car services such as; diagnostic testing, MOT testing, welding and tyres. The best things about Calmac is that they have all of the latest machinery and technology enabling them to work with all types of cars and vans.

Staying safe on the road should be a priority for every driver. Regular services are the best way to make sure that your car is in tip top condition. If you look after your car, then it will look after you!

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