I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for years. Prior to having children I would spend hours in the gym, smashing my fitness goals by the week. Two years and two children later, finding time to spend in the gym is not as easy as it used to be. With a hectic combination of work and looking after the kids, by the time I get to the gym I have to fit in a quick session. Then it’s back to a few more hours in front of the laptop!

Of course the mother in me takes priority and so compromising on the gym just came naturally. It would however be nice to get back to full fitness, to feel like myself again and to make sure that I can carry on chasing around after our girls with ease! I’ve often thought about working with a fitness instructor to help me reach my goals, but finding one to work around family life isn’t easy. That was until I found Bidvine!

What do Bidvine offer?

Bidvine is an online platform designed to find the right service provider to suit individual needs. Whatever service you require, you can log onto Bidvine and answer a few questions surrounding your situation. Once you’ve made your requirements clear,  Bidvine matches you with local and trusted professionals. These professionals then get in contact almost immediately, making life simpler in just a few clicks. Perfect!


My Bidvine experience –

I couldn’t wait to get my fitness regime back on track, so I spent a little time on the Bidvine website anxious to find the right instructor for me. I found the whole process incredibly simple and was even more impressed to find an almost tailor-made service, to suit my every fitness need. Answering specific questions eliminated the service providers that weren’t right for me. So when instructors began to get in touch, I already knew that they could cater for my requirements.

I loved that all of the candidates I had to choose from were trusted professionals. Finding the right person is paramount and Bidvine make sure that the worry of hiring the wrong individual is taken away!



Whatever service you’re after, from cleaners to home tutors and everything else in between. There are professionals sat waiting to change your life for the better. I am super happy with the service provided by Bidvine and I’m so glad to be back working towards my fitness goals!



*This post was written in collaboration with bidvine.com