Up until recently, I would never have identified as a feminist. In fact, I would have said I sat right at the other end of the scale. It wasn’t until I made it my mission to learn more throughout 2018, that I came across a book with the potential to instigate a significant shift in my views and beliefs. It forced my brain to think in a way that has never been that natural to me. I began to see my life from an entirely different perspective and I liked it.

A History of Britain in 21 Women by Jenni Murray opened up a whole new world for me. One that I’m completely unfamiliar with, but also one that I was eager to explore. As much as I’m not going to be burning my bra any time soon, I don’t think I’ve ever fully appreciated what we as women are capable of achieving. As well as what the women before us dedicated their lives to, in order to secure a better future for the generations to come.



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Hypocrisy –


Unfortunately, I’m not sure I’m able commit to feminism entirely. You see, I really love it when my husband holds a door open for me. I also like it when he does what we call the ‘blue jobs’ around the house. Surely this makes me a hypocrite? I’m sure a determined feminist would revolt at the use of such terminology.  

I want to be a strong woman, who is successful in motherhood, housekeeping and business. Yes, in that order. We have very traditional roles over here, my husband is the ‘bread’ winner and I am ‘mother and maid’. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want my strengths and qualities as the female of the species to be recognised, but I also want to be treated like a lady once in a while.

It’s obvious from those revelations, that I’m never going to be recognised as hardcore feminist. I’m always going to pass the ‘male’ jobs over to my husband without a seconds thought. I’m also going to continue being the one that keeps our household ticking over nicely. I’ve no intention of changing.

Having said that, I’m definitely going to continue to work towards achieve my goals in business. I know that with hard work and determination I’m capable of reaching them, alongside being the best mother and wife that I can be. I’m also going to spend my life empowering our girls, teaching them to believe that anything is possible whatever their gender. They need to know that they are capable of making their wildest dreams come true – woman or not.


Unity –


Most of all, I’m going to teach our girls that great things can happen when people work together. By pooling resources, brains and hard graft, men and women can work alongside each other to achieve the unachievable. I don’t believe that men don’t need women, or that women don’t need men to make something of themselves. I believe that there is a mutual need, that’s requires nurture if we want to flourish as human beings.  Team work definitely makes the dream work.  Maybe I’m not being drawn in by feminism after all.


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