*This post was written in collaboration with Sherwood Campers. 


This year, Hubs and I have decided to take our girls camping. As a well seasoned camper myself, I know it’s something our girls will absolutely love. I have so many good memories from the camping trips I’ve had over the years. We’ve stayed in everything from standard tents to trailer tents and from caravans to folding campers. You name it, we’ve had an adventure in it!


Matching campers!

Getting outdoors –

I’ve always loved spending time outdoors and now that our girls are getting a little older, they adore heading out to explore too. That’s why we’ve decided to make a real effort to get our girls out into the fresh air as much as possible! There are so many places that we want to visit in the UK, I’ve never visited Scotland so I think that will be first on our list. To tour such a vast area though, I think we’ll need to enlist the help of my parent’s VW camper! It has everything we need on board, to make the journey as fun and as comfortable as possible.

My parents have been VW lovers for quite some time, this isn’t the first camper they’ve had to go on holiday in. Over the years they’ve had a few different models, all of them offering a little something different to the whole camping experience. At one time they even looked into a VW camper specialist, to convert their VW into a unique living space. In fact, they love them that much, they bought the girls a miniature pink version too!


Peeking through the roof!


Why we love #VanLife  –

The beauty of holidaying in a camper van, is that your accommodation is on wheels. You can jump in and head to where ever takes your fancy, with all of your home comforts by your side. Inside is your very own space, to live and to make some amazing memories with your family. Both of our girls love to spend time in their grandparent’s camper, that’s why we knew they would love to go on holiday in it too!

Here are a few benefits of holidaying in a VW camper;

  • The roof pops up to expand your living space, providing you with a large bed. There’s also a safety net attached for the little ones!
  • They have so much storage, you’re sure to fit in everything you need to take with you.
  • Some even have toilets and cookers inside, meaning you can stay in the most remote areas and not have to worry about facilities.
  •  They have a table and chairs neatly hidden away. So you’ll always be able to eat in comfort on holiday, inside or outside of the camper.
  • You can attach canopy’s and awnings to the side of your camper, making your living space bigger when you’ve pitched up for the night.
  • They are a dream to drive, making your cruise around the country a total pleasure!


In the roof space!

Have you always wondered what it would be like to holiday in a VW Camper? You can follow our camping journey over on Instagram!