A new baby is an everyday miracle. Thousands of new humans are born around the world – around 350,000, in fact – and each one represents new hope and a chance for humanity to advance and improve itself.

At a more local level, though, a new baby is a cause for celebration, parties, exhaustion and gifts. We give babies gifts because we want to welcome them to the world and to make sure they’re well-equipped and comfortable. We also give them gifts that symbolise our hopes for them – books so they grow up smart, cups and plates so they’ll always have enough to eat and so on.

Many new baby gifts are traditional – silver bangles and christening certificate scrolls – and while these are treasured, parents and children often appreciate something a bit more unusual. So, if you’re looking for a gift that’s a little bit set apart, here are some ideas.

A gift of precious metals

Silver is traditionally associated with babies as it represents purity and innocence and while you could go down the route of the silver-plated moneybox, you could also give some Morgan silver dollars from Golden Eagle Coin. Not only do these coins look amazing, they’re also a brilliant investment because that baby will probably want to go to college one day and your gift may just help them along.

A swimming course

That’s right, a swimming course. Most babies absolutely love being in water – after all, they’ve been floating around in it for nine months! As soon as the baby’s had all his or her vaccinations and mum’s ready to hit the pool the course can start. Babies who start swimming – or at least, hanging out at the pool – early on learn to swim much earlier and gain lots of confidence and co-ordination skills. It’s also good for mum’s post-natal fitness regime as well.

A swaddling robe

Since time immemorial, parents have wrapped up their new babies in swaddling cloths to help them to feel secure and safe. The soft cloth holds their limbs in a permanent cuddle, just like they had in utero. It’s not a miracle cure for crying and restlessness, and it doesn’t work for all babies, but if the newest baby in your circle does need a bit of swaddling and you provide the goods – you’ll earn some serious brownie points!

Milestone cards

A baby’s first few months go by in a blur and it’s easy to lose track of all the amazing progress he or she makes, as well as all those “firsts”. If you can record the first time your baby rolls over, or claps, or blows raspberries and says “Dada”, then you can look back in years to come and reminisce (even if your darling firstborn said “Dada” to the dog…).

A “bouquet” of burp cloths, socks, onesies and scratch mitts

Or should that be “faux-quet”? What at first sight seems to be a delightful floral arrangement turns out to be something far more long-lasting and useful to parents and newborns. Those roses are rolled up muslins, those buds are scratch mitts…you get the picture. It’s a work of genius!