With the hectic day to day life that is being a mum, it may not always be easy to feel fabulous in the clothes you wear. Plus, like me, you may not have as much time to dress up to the nines as you used to, which means that every opportunity you do get to feel glamorous is golden.

The side effect of these rare opportunities to glam up, however, is that dresses that used to fit like a dream may not feel quite as right a few months or years down the line. Or maybe you’re still hanging onto that one gorgeous dress that has never felt quite right but you can’t bear to give to the charity shop. This is where dress alterations come in!

Dress Alterations: Make Every Dress Count

A dress alterations professional can make the right changes to your dress to ensure it fits nicely and feels comfortable, improving your confidence as well as your style. From simple repairs to more in-depth alterations (such as reshaping the neckline or shortening/lengthening the dress), the right seamstress or boutique can help you really make the most of your clothes.

Feel Post-Pregnancy Perfect with Dress Alterations

The body goes through lots of changes during and after pregnancy; your body will generally go back to its ‘normal’ state post-pregnancy, but naturally changes may remain so you might find that your clothes fit a little differently to before. This is a time where a good dress alterations services comes in handy! Choosing to alter dresses and other wardrobe items instead of donating them and having to buy new will save you money and let you keep the dresses that have always made you feel fantastic.

Dress Restyling – Revamp Your Wardrobe

Of course, there’ll always be times when a dress just doesn’t excite you anymore and simply lingers in the back of your wardrobe. Dress alterations can help with this too; it’s possible to totally restyle a dress using alterations to the point where it feels completely new. Plus, restyling a dress will often make it a unique, individual piece that you won’t find on the high street. No more embarrassing incidences of wearing the same thing to the same event!


*This is a collaborative post.