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Lifestyle / Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018

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How often do you buy products offline? If you’re like me, especially in our modern age, it’s a lot. I love buying offline, especially when you consider how fast things get delivered these days. Half the time, it doesn’t seem worth getting in the car and heading down to the shops. How often do you buy things that you may need a little guidance with though? More importantly, how often do you find that said products don’t arrive alongside multilingual manuals? This is a real bug bare of mine and it’s certainly something that I thinks takes the ease out of shopping online.

There are so many products out there these days and quite often they are manufactured overseas. This is all well and good, but what happens when you buy certain products but aren’t fully sure how to use them properly? How are you supposed to enjoy buying offline, if the products you purchase don’t arrive with all of the right technical documentation? Sometimes, with the more simple products this doesn’t become a problem. There are always times though, where we but something that needs a little more attention than usual. I firmly believe that things could be made so much easier if they came with instructions that everyone can work their way through. Life is so busy  these days, it doesn’t need to me made any more hectic!


Taking the ease out of easy living –


As I touched on earlier, life really is busy these days. Our life is even more busy now that we are parents of two young children. Often they need our undivided attention as they’re really beginning to gain interest in the world around them. Having two girls to take care of is the main reason why I buy offline more and more. Sometimes I just can’t see the benefit in carting them both to the shops, when there could be something more fun and productive that we could all be enjoying together. That’s mainly why I finding it so frustrating when I buy certain products and I have to spend an age working out how to use them properly. It’s time that could be saved if they just arrived with a manual that I can understand.

The most recent product that I bought offline was a smart phone tripod. As it was for my work, I was so excited for it to arrive. After all, such a purchase was sure to make my blogging life a million times easier. The thing was though that this great piece of kit came without an instruction manual that was suitable for me to read. So I had to spend around two hours working out all the functions of the product, before I was able to use it effectively. I must admit, I hadn’t intended on spending that much time working out, what should have been a very simple product to assemble.

I do wish that multilingual manuals were more readily available for all products on the market. It would make life so much more simple. No one likes to take the ease of out easy living!


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