*This is a collaborative post. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


How often have you been driving along and have noticed another motorist using their mobile phone? Maybe you’re guilty of it yourself. Either way, Kwik Fit have designed a test, to raise awareness around distractions whilst driving and what impact this can have on our judgement whilst on the road.

The Kwik Fit Driven to Distraction  test asks you to answer questions on a mobile phone, whilst concentrating on the road in front AND looking out for the ‘stop’ sign. It records how long it takes for you to stop and having taken the test myself, the results are pretty shocking!

#DriventoDistraction –

I consider myself a good driver, I believe my hazard perception to be good and my judgement whilst on the road clear. However, throw a mobile phone into the mix and things drastically change! The questions that pop up on the mobile phone make your brain work, this takes your eyes and mind off of the road. You’re also attempting to watch the road, waiting for the ‘stop’ sign to appear.

I felt like I clicked the ‘stop’ sign as soon as it appeared, but when I got my results this was not the case. It look me an extra 0.183 seconds to stop, because my concentration wasn’t where it should have been. This may not sound like a lot, but this equates to it taking an extra 2.542m to stop when travelling at 30mph. That’s quite a distance when you could be putting yourself an others in danger.

Take the test yourself and share it with your friends. It’s so important that everyone is aware of the dangers of being distracted whilst driving.

Take the #DriventoDistraction test here!