*I was gifted a pair of iChoose Glasses and two sides for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’ve always thought that a couple of years between eye tests is quite a long time. Not because I think eyes should be tested sooner, but because I can’t help but think two years with the same pair of glasses is rather a long time. I like to swap and change the glasses I wear, so when iChoose asked me to try out their new customisable frames I had a feeling I might just fall in love with this brand!

The idea is that glasses from iChoose allow people to showcase their individuality. All of their frames fit all of their sides and so any combination is possible. It’s easy to be you with iChoose, as they really do have a style to suite everyone. iChoose also offer different types of lenses, so that you are able to create the glasses that are just right for you optical needs, as well as your style needs.

My iChoose –

I have a bit of a thing about big glasses, so I knew immediately which style of frame I was looking for. All I had to do was chose the sides I loved most. With around 10,000 combinations to choose from, this wasn’t an easy task. I was completely spoiled for choice! Brilliantly, the iChoose platform has a tool that lets you place different sides on different frames, so you can see how your glasses are going to look before you make your final choice. iChoose take all of the right measurements for your face so that when your glasses arrive, they fit perfectly. Then all you have to do is input your prescription. It really is that easy.

In the end I chose a set of blue sides and a set of spotty sides. If I had to choose my absolute favourite combination it would be the blue, these are the glasses I wear day to day and I just love the flash of colour they add to any outfit. The spotty sides look great too, these are the sides I change to for an evening so that I feel a little more dressy.

iChoose Quality and Style –

iChoose offer good quality at a reasonable price. They offer a range of styles without having to empty your bank account and that’s one of the best things about them. Changing the sides is really simple, as they just click in and out without fuss. You can also store the extra sides within the case provided, meaning changing on the go is easy.

Overall, I’m very happy with my glasses from iChoose. They offer something that other brands don’t; the ability to give yourself a whole new look without having to buy a completely new pair of glasses. Would I use iChoose again? Yes, definitely!

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