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Credit cards are popularly used for traveling abroad or making an international trip. One may be traveling for a business trip or a vacation, having a credit card assures one of always having access to funds. The credit card is equally essential documents just like your boarding pass or passport. Having a credit card makes life easier, especially when one is traveling.  You can use to buy groceries, pay food bills or fill your gas tank.

However, one must do their homework ahead of time so that they make good use of the credit cards. It is indeed smarter to make smart use of the credit card.   Here is some advice on how to use your card and money wisely when you travel.

Travel credit card offers
Travel credit card offers are always lucrative, but those offers are best for those who are debt-free.  Those offers can be redeemed for airfares or cold hard cash. Credit card companies are partnering with various travel brands to entice consumers. Take advantage of those loyalty points, exclusive discounts, and bonuses. However, do some research before buying any credit card and go for the most suitable for you. Just keep in mind that is no perfect card as each comes with its own benefits.

Earn miles and points
Travel credit cards offer points and miles and based on how much you spend, you get points or earn miles. This is your opportunity to earn free points and miles. However, one has to be a bit disciplined here, or it is tempting to spend those hard-earned miles or points. In order to make most out of a travel credit card, use it only for planned purchases and do not overspend.

Pay Bills on Time
When you never miss out on payments or travel cards, your payment history not only builds your reputation but enhances your credit score. Thus, once you sign up for a travel credit card, you should pay your bill in full and on time. That will help to keep away from any penalties on the risk of lowering your credit score. If you carry a low credit score, it is likely that you would not be offered any of those travel rewards.

Foreign transaction fees
The majority of credit cards will charge a fee of 3% fee when you use them abroad. Go for a card that offers you a reasonable exchange rate.  Avoid those cards were you have to pay a fee every time you use the card. One should avoid those overseas fees and save their hard earned money. So, make sure get the best possible exchange rate on your purchases overseas.

Look for special offers
Your credit card may provide some additional travel benefits, and a common perk is rental car insurance. Thus, you may be entitled to some form of travel insurance because of your card. Or, your travel card may offer you the facility of calling legal assistance or a referral to medical facilities.