*This is a collaborative post.


Hen nights are a tradition to celebrate the last night of the bride to be, before she says, ‘i do.’ The hen night celebration is the responsibility and is hosted by the maid of honour and other bridesmaid friends of the bride. A hen do is popularly celebrated with lots of alcohol, dancing and fun activities for the bride. But what do you do if you’ve got a pregnant friend amongst the hen gang and cannot do the cliched hen activities?

A bump on your friend’s tummy, doesn’t need to be a bump on the road to planning a great hen do for your bride friend. You don’t want to exclude your pregnant friend from the hen night celebrations, but you’re also confused about how to plan a pregnant friendly hen do. Well, stress no more, here are some tips for you to help plan a hen do which will be perfectly appropriate and comfortable for your pregnant friend and enjoyable for all.

1.Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is an all time classic when it comes to hen do activities. You can book a luxurious hotel for an afternoon of tea, put up decorations that are classy and fun like balloons, ribbons, centre pieces, confetti etc. You could also put up pictures of the bride with her friends and family, giving a flashback of her life so far. For the menu, you could have different types of tea, cakes, cookies and other variety of snacks.

If you want to add some wine and celebratory champagne, simply ask the manager at the hotel to keep some bottles of alcoholic and non- alcoholic champagne for the hen gang.

An afternoon tea will make for the perfect hen do where all friends of the bride can get together, celebrate the last night of the bride as an unmarried, single lady, play some hen games and have fun.

You can end the afternoon by handing out some hen party goodies which can have cute little party souvenirs and gifts for all the hens to enjoy.


  1. Movie and Dinner Night

You can all go for a movie to the theatres or you can also set up your own movie night at home. Just get a projector and the favourite movie of the bride or something that the entire hen gang can enjoy. Put up some fairy lights and other decorations around the house to make it more celebratory. You can put up some balloons, hen posters, get props for a photobooth, photos of the bride etc. This will give the place a fun vibe and make it more special for the bride.

Once the movie is over, you all can either do a pizza night and order takeout or you can all go to the bride’s favourite restaurant and have a lavish dinner with some drinks.
If your pregnant friend would rather stay at home, then she can excuse herself from dinner, but at least she’ll get to be a part of the movie with all the hens. Watching a movie will be comfortable and easy for the pregnant friend and it can also be enjoyed by everyone.

  1. House Party and Games

Instead of going out to party, bring the party home and in the comfort of your pregnant friend. Going out to party is difficult for a pregnant woman, because of the loud music, the walking and the uncomfortable or no place to sit or take little naps in between.

All of this is possible for your pregnant friend to do at home, so plan a house hen party. There are plenty of hen do ideas which are possible at home.

Start with the decorations, get lots of balloons, confetti, posters, pictures of the bride, sashes for the bride and the bridesmaids, champagne glasses, party poppers etc. Once the decor is taken care of, move on to the drinks and food. You can get alcohol for those who will be drinking and the pregnant friend can have some mocktails or juices, consult with her for her preference and then get the snacks and food for the party.

If the pregnant friend is okay with it, you can play music on low volume and make it a memorable hen do which the pregnant friend and the rest of the hen gang can enjoy.

The hen do at home will make it easier for the pregnant friend to rest and be comfortable in her own space without any hesitation.


The main aim of throwing a hen do, which a pregnant friend can also enjoy, is to ensure that she is comfortable, has access to facilities like a washroom, a comfortable place to sit and at the same time, it is an enjoyable hen do for everyone. So instead of doing the cliched drinks and nightclub hen do, you can tone it down a little but still get together to celebrate the bride to be and have a great time.